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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the poet relate the woman's body to in "Body of a Woman"?
(a) The earth.
(b) Literature.
(c) The heavens.
(d) Scientific discovery.

2. At the end of "Dream Horses," what does the poet wish for?
(a) To stop having dreams.
(b) To record his dreams.
(c) To live dreams.
(d) To trade dreams with someone else.

3. In "Body of a Woman," what does the poet say he will persist in?
(a) The truth.
(b) Her grace.
(c) Bodily pain.
(d) His faith.

4. What makes the school of fish unique in "The Fish and the Drowned Man"?
(a) It is made up of many types of fish.
(b) It include men.
(c) It is very small.
(d) It is very large.

5. What is ruined at the end of "There's No Forgetting"?
(a) A tree.
(b) A river.
(c) A field.
(d) A mountain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Rapa Nui in "Rapa Nui"?

2. How many sections does "The Magellan Heart" have?

3. In "Ah Vastness of Pines," what geographic feature does the poet describe in the first four lines?

4. In "Leaning into the Afternoons," what does the poet cast sad nets toward?

5. What does the poet consider in "Sonata and Destructions"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the Great Plumed God do in "A Soldier Sleeps"?

2. Why does the poet talk about fabric in "Weak with the Dawn"?

3. Why does the poet feel he is the witness in "Signifying Shadows"?

4. In "Ode with a Lament," what problem does the poet face regarding the woman?

5. What is unique about the river in "Death Alone"?

6. How does the poet describe unity in "Unity"?

7. What happens to the people of the island in "They Come For the Islands"?

8. How do the last three lines of "I Have Gone Marking" differ from the rest of the poem?

9. What happens to the unmanned ships in "The Ships"?

10. What does the poet describe in "Rapa Nui"?

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