Objects & Places from Pablo Neruda: Selected Poems

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Macchu Picchuappears in The Heights of Macchu Picchu

This is an ancient civilization set in a mountain range.

Chileappears in Poetry

This is Pablo Neruda's homeland.

Rapa Nuiappears in Rain (Rapa Nui), The Builders of Statues (Rapa Nui)

This is an island best known for its large statues.

Isla Negraappears in Fiesta's End, The Night in Isla Negra, The Flag

This is the name of Pablo Neruda's favorite house.

Spainappears in I'm Explaining a Few Things, The Way Spain Was, Battle of th

This is where Pablo Neruda witnessed a civil war.

Calle Maruriappears in The Pension on the Calle Maruri

This is a village that lacks any sense of community.

The Moonappears in Lazybones, The Watersong Ends

Pablo Neruda criticizes people for wanting to go here.

Inanimate Objectsappears in Walking Around

These are described as being alive in some way, even though most people fail to notice...

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