Daily Lessons for Teaching Pablo Neruda: Selected Poems

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Lesson 1 (from Body of a Woman | Ah Vastness of Pines | Leaning into the Afternoons | I Have Gone Marking)


The first four poems of this collection focus on the theme of love. "Body of a Woman," "Ah Vastness of Pines," and "I Have Gone Marking" focus on the power of love and the connection between the body and emotions. "Leaning into the Afternoon" describes the end of a relationship with the desire to return to love. The objective of this lesson is to analyze the theme of love in this collection of poems.


1) Writing Assignment: In their journals, students will respond to the following prompt: How do you think this poet feels about love? How can you tell? Students should have an opportunity to share their responses with the class.

2) Class Discussion: What parts of a woman's body does the poet focus on most? How does he compare a woman's body to the earth? What makes being tied to the earth powerful for women...

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