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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Peyton do while his wife is getting the water?
(a) Approaches the soldier.
(b) Invites him to dinner.
(c) Returns to the house.
(d) Pulls out his gun.

2. Who does the soldier say is repairing the railroads?
(a) The Rebs.
(b) The government.
(c) The locals.
(d) The Yanks.

3. What can be inferred about the crime Peyton may have committed?
(a) He burned a neighbor's plantation.
(b) He deserted from the army.
(c) He set fire to the driftwood to burn the bridge.
(d) He shot a Yankee general.

4. What does Peyton ask the soldier?
(a) If he is a deserter.
(b) If he is hungry.
(c) If he is wounded.
(d) What is the news from the front.

5. What is Peyton Farquhar's occupation?
(a) Minister.
(b) Merchant.
(c) Planter.
(d) Professor

6. What is the second question Peyton asks the soldier?
(a) How long he has been in the army.
(b) Where he comes from.
(c) If he is married.
(d) How the bridge is guarded.

7. How many men guard the Owl Creek Bridge?
(a) 10.
(b) 3.
(c) 6.
(d) 2.

8. What does Peyton ask after the soldier tells about the order?
(a) If he has ever killed any Yanks.
(b) If he believes the poster to be true.
(c) How soon the Yanks will be arriving.
(d) How far it is to Owl Creek Bridge.

9. Who is mentioned in the posted order?
(a) Federal soldiers.
(b) Confederate soldiers.
(c) Home guard.
(d) Civilians.

10. What is aroused in Peyton at the end of Part 2?
(a) His love.
(b) His anger.
(c) His curiosity.
(d) His passions.

11. The soldier says the driftwood would burn __________________.
(a) Like tow.
(b) Like corn stalks.
(c) Like an old barn.
(d) Like paper.

12. What did the soldier see lying against the pier the last time he was at the bridge?
(a) Some guns.
(b) Driftwood.
(c) Fishing poles.
(d) A dead body.

13. The posted order states that any civilian caught interfering with the railroad ______________________.
(a) Needs permission first.
(b) Will be ordered to enlist.
(c) Will be hanged.
(d) Needs a license.

14. Who approaches Peyton and his wife as they sit outside their home?
(a) A traveling salesman.
(b) A soldier.
(c) A neighbor.
(d) A minister.

15. Peyton is a civilian with _________________.
(a) A bad reputation.
(b) A criminal record.
(c) The heart of a soldier.
(d) Political aspirations.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is with Peyton when he is approached by someone at his property?

2. How far does the soldier say it is to Owl Creek Bridge?

3. What time of day does the soldier return to the Farquhar house?

4. What does Peyton say a civilian would have to do to gain access to the bridge?

5. What is the name of the character introduced in Part 2?

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