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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the character introduced in Part 2?
(a) Preston Farquhar.
(b) Peyton Place.
(c) Peyton Farquhar.
(d) Peyton Manning.

2. Which of the following figures does Peyton NOT mention when talking about approaching the bridge?
(a) A civilian.
(b) A teacher.
(c) A student of hanging.
(d) A man.

3. What does Peyton ask after the soldier tells about the order?
(a) If he believes the poster to be true.
(b) How far it is to Owl Creek Bridge.
(c) How soon the Yanks will be arriving.
(d) If he has ever killed any Yanks.

4. Who does the soldier say is repairing the railroads?
(a) The government.
(b) The Rebs.
(c) The Yanks.
(d) The locals.

5. The rope around the man's neck is attached to ______________________.
(a) A scaffold.
(b) A forklift.
(c) A tree.
(d) A cross timber.

Short Answer Questions

1. Peyton is a civilian with _________________.

2. The remaining plank spans how many railroad ties?

3. What did the soldier see lying against the pier the last time he was at the bridge?

4. What do the man's clothes indicate about him?

5. How can the condemned man's eyes be described?

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