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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Marta know first missionary in the village had a white beard?
(a) She had heard stories from her elders.
(b) She had heard the Bishop tell stories of him.
(c) She had seen pictures of him in the vicarage.
(d) She knew the man as a child.

2. Ellie is
(a) The young daughter of Sam, the poorest man in the village.
(b) The young daughter of Peter, the poorest man in the village.
(c) The young daughter of Sam, the white school teacher.
(d) The young daughter of Jim Wallace.

3. What is true of both the swimmer and Mark Brian?
(a) They are both outcasts of society.
(b) They are both doomed to complete their task and die.
(c) They are both kinds of fish.
(d) They are both unclear about their purpose.

4. What relationship did Mark Brian observe in the hunters of the tribe?
(a) The warrior-to-warrior relationship.
(b) The brotherly relationship.
(c) The boss-laborer relationship.
(d) The father-son relationship.

5. How does Mark describe the inanimate?
(a) Solid, stubborn, and indifferent.
(b) Receptive, agreeable, and easygoing.
(c) Remote, fearfull, and unreachable.
(d) Angry, vengeful, and dangerous.

Short Answer Questions

1. The female salmon they watch is too weak to fight

2. What do Jim and Mark witness on the river?

3. The Bishop plans to

4. What causes Mark and all the young people to rush on to the path?

5. What large item do Mark and Jim have to transport on the boat?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do most of the Indians behave toward Mark Brian?

2. What seems to be most important to the Bishop regarding the young man and the Indian village?

3. What does the behavior of the young people symbolize for people like Peter?

4. Describe Caleb's attitude toward the Indian people of the village.

5. What recurring idea or image appears as the author describes the state of the village and the graveyard?

6. What is significant about the names of the characters revealed in the Introduction?

7. According to the Bishop, how does an Indian feel about his village?

8. Who speaks at the funeral after Mark Brian is done?

9. What changes develop in Mark and Jim's relationship while on the hunt?

10. Describe the character of Constable Pearson.

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