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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Keetah is
(a) Sam's granddaughter.
(b) Mrs. Hudson's granddaughter.
(c) Mrs. Stephens' granddaughter.
(d) Jim's granddaughter.

2. Who are Mark Brian's first friends in the village?
(a) Sam and his wife.
(b) Two children who visit the vicarage.
(c) Jim Wallace and Chief Eddy.
(d) Marta Stephens and Ellie.

3. With his new winter hat on, the new vicar looks like
(a) A bank robber.
(b) An egg.
(c) A snowman.
(d) A rabbit.

4. The vicar believes he will have to begin his work by
(a) Rolling up his shirtsleeves.
(b) Begging for what he needs.
(c) Trading for what he needs.
(d) Outsmarting the Indians.

5. What happened to Keetah's sister?
(a) She left the tribe and became a white man's wife.
(b) She died of an overdose after being abandoned by her fiance.
(c) She admitted to stealing the mask and was killed for it.
(d) She returned to the tribe in shame.

Short Answer Questions

1. Craven often describes the Indians' eyes and faces as

2. What does Mark Brian discover about himself at the start of the chapter?

3. In wintertime, how were the beliefs of the tribe relived?

4. Who has returned to the village after their self-imposed exile?

5. Ellie is

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the behavior of the young people symbolize for people like Peter?

2. How does Mark Brian help the villagers solve their problem with the burial grounds?

3. What is significant about the names of the characters revealed in the Introduction?

4. What limitations does the ordinand's illness place on him?

5. What happened to the RCMP when he tried to take pictures of the tribe members fishing?

6. What recurring idea or image appears as the author describes the state of the village and the graveyard?

7. According to the myth, how was the old village formed?

8. Who contributes to the preparations for Mark's funeral?

9. Why does Mark Brian refuse the Bishop's offer to send a new vicarage?

10. Why does Keetah return to the village without Gordon?

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