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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mark Brian sees the tribe approaching the church single file, he is reminded of
(a) Their travel from the mountains to the Bering Sea.
(b) Their oppression by the white man.
(c) Their travel up the river.
(d) Their duty to him as their vicar.

2. The female salmon they watch is too weak to fight
(a) The male salmon.
(b) The force of the stream.
(c) The bears that hunt her.
(d) The other femaile salmon.

3. The Bishop believes the men of the village have offered to help Mark build the vicarage because
(a) He has suffered with them.
(b) He has promised to help them in return.
(c) He has proven worthy of them.
(d) He is too ill to build the vicarage.

4. Who has offered Mark Brian a great deal of advice and training?
(a) The Bishop.
(b) Caleb, the old canon.
(c) The Archbishop of Canterbury.
(d) Rupert.

5. How did Marta know first missionary in the village had a white beard?
(a) She had seen pictures of him in the vicarage.
(b) She had heard stories from her elders.
(c) She knew the man as a child.
(d) She had heard the Bishop tell stories of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Peter wonders how long it will take the vicar to discover

2. Why does Jim plan to get drunk after the funeral?

3. Why aren't the local deer afraid of guns?

4. Who is Tagoona?

5. The Bishop decides to send the young man to

Short Essay Questions

1. How do most of the Indians behave toward Mark Brian?

2. According to the Bishop, how does an Indian feel about his village?

3. Describe Sam, the unlucky one.

4. Why do the villagers offer to help Mark build the vicarage?

5. Why is Jim interested in the prayer Mark Brian recites?

6. What happened to the RCMP when he tried to take pictures of the tribe members fishing?

7. Who speaks at the funeral after Mark Brian is done?

8. What information does Mark learn from the RCMP about Keetah's sister?

9. Describe the salmon run the men witness.

10. While Mark feels he has learned little about the Indians, what does the Bishop tell him?

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