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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Jim and Mark go out on the boat during a storm?
(a) Because they are fishing.
(b) Because a drunk, young logger has asked them for help.
(c) Because a drunk, young logger is lost at sea.
(d) Because they are lost at sea.

2. What is T.P. Wallace's announcement?
(a) His family will give a banquet for Mark Brian.
(b) His family will give a dance-potlatch in honor of Jim.
(c) His family welcomes their new daughter, Keetah.
(d) His family will give a dance-potlatch in honor of Gordon.

3. What did the villagers do to celebrate this "friend?"
(a) They turned it into a shrine.
(b) They turned it into a mask.
(c) They turned it into a dance.
(d) They turned it into a myth.

4. Caleb felt himself an intruder when visiting
(a) Indians' homes.
(b) The vicarage.
(c) Deserted villages.
(d) The boat.

5. Marta's prayer for Mark
(a) Echoes the prayer of a mother for her child.
(b) Echoes the prayer of an Indian for a white man.
(c) Echoes the prayers Mark taught her.
(d) Echoes the prayer of a woman for her lover.

6. Traveling in the river, Mark begins to
(a) Consider the question of his health.
(b) Consider leaving the faith.
(c) Consider moving to the village permanently.
(d) Consider the wisdom of his work.

7. Who unexpectedly visits the village?
(a) A group of tourists from Texas.
(b) A group of southern Californian tourists.
(c) A group of clergymen.
(d) A groups of Indians from a neighboring village.

8. Who seems to have a hard time adjusting to white society at first?
(a) Mark.
(b) Keetah.
(c) Jim.
(d) Gordon.

9. The elders now believe
(a) Their dead can rest in peace.
(b) Their dead will reward Mark Brian.
(c) A new graveyard is necessary.
(d) Mark Brian truly understands their ways.

10. When Mark tells Marta he has heard the owl call his name, she says
(a) Yes, my son.
(b) Not yet, my son.
(c) No, you must be mistaken.
(d) Only the tribe members can hear the owl.

11. Mark observes that everything in nature
(a) Seemed to sense his illness.
(b) Seemed to know its place.
(c) Seemed to sense his presence.
(d) Seemed to know he did not belong.

12. The woman Keetah had lived with at school
(a) Denied her food and lodging when she arrived.
(b) Gave her every chance to prove herself in the white world.
(c) Was afraid of her and treated her badly.
(d) Was supportive and caring.

13. Why does the Bishop come back to the village?
(a) To confer with Marta and Peter.
(b) To determine whether Mark had served the Indians well.
(c) To attend Jim and Keetah's wedding.
(d) To attend the potlatch.

14. Caleb warns Mark that
(a) Soon the villagers will leave for the outside world.
(b) Soon the outside world will forget the village.
(c) Soon the outside world will intrude upon the village and the tribe.
(d) Soon the villagers will ask him to leave.

15. Who orchestrates the boys' housing and schooling arrangements?
(a) The RCMP.
(b) Mark's sister.
(c) Caleb.
(d) The Bishop.

Short Answer Questions

1. During his travels with Jim, the river has always offered Mark

2. Mark realizes he has come to rely on

3. Ironically, Sam's drinking causes

4. Though Mark Brian feels he has made friends with loneliness, deprivation, and death, he feels he was constantly supported by

5. What favor does Keetah ask from Mark on behalf of the villagers?

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