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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The teacher does not attend the funeral because
(a) If he shows he cares, he will have to live and suffer.
(b) If he shows he cares, he will have to help with the funera.
(c) If he shows he cares, he will have to live and die with the villagers.
(d) If he shows he cares, the Indians will tease him.

2. Why do Jim and Mark go out on the boat during a storm?
(a) Because they are lost at sea.
(b) Because they are fishing.
(c) Because a drunk, young logger has asked them for help.
(d) Because a drunk, young logger is lost at sea.

3. What does the English anthropologist call the Indian tribe?
(a) Quakers.
(b) Quackadoodles.
(c) Labradoodles.
(d) Quackers.

4. When he returns, Mark visits
(a) The burial grounds.
(b) Marta's house.
(c) The vicarage.
(d) Keetah's family.

5. Who alerts the Bishop to Mark's physical condition?
(a) Mrs. Hudson.
(b) Jim.
(c) Marta.
(d) Keetah.

6. When Mark tells Marta he has heard the owl call his name, she says
(a) Not yet, my son.
(b) Only the tribe members can hear the owl.
(c) Yes, my son.
(d) No, you must be mistaken.

7. The woman Keetah had lived with at school
(a) Was afraid of her and treated her badly.
(b) Gave her every chance to prove herself in the white world.
(c) Was supportive and caring.
(d) Denied her food and lodging when she arrived.

8. In March, what burden is lifted from the villagers?
(a) The burden of the white man.
(b) The burden of Sam.
(c) The burden of winter.
(d) The burden of liquor.

9. The elders stay away when Gordon visits because
(a) He has no interest in the past.
(b) He plans to call for change among the villagers.
(c) He has no interest in any of the villagers.
(d) He plans to ask the tribe for money for his travels.

10. The visitors cause Mark Brian to feel what about the world of the white man he has left behind?
(a) He feels he has abandoned his people by leaving it.
(b) He feels he never belonged in it.
(c) He feels he no longer knows it, and is ashamed of it now.
(d) He feels he must go back and save it.

11. Mark advises Jim to
(a) Treat Keetah as he does the elders.
(b) Treat Keetah as a traditional wife.
(c) Treak Keetah as he always has.
(d) Treat Keetah as a partner in their marriage.

12. What does Mark Brian try to prepare the school boys for?
(a) Living in white society.
(b) Living among strangers.
(c) Living in the Indian world.
(d) Living with women.

13. The passage at the end of the novel means
(a) That is all.
(b) The End.
(c) Thank you.
(d) God Bless.

14. Mark Brian dies when
(a) A tornado destroys his boat.
(b) A landslide destroys his boat.
(c) His illness overwhelms him.
(d) A crash destroys his boat.

15. What major change occurs at the beginning of Chapter 18?
(a) A landslide occurs.
(b) The river freezes.
(c) The fish do not come.
(d) The river overflows.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Keetah does not come to see him, Mark decides

2. What does Mark suggest the villagers do about the burial grounds?

3. When Keetah returns, it is because

4. What did the villagers do to celebrate this "friend?"

5. Why are the elders concerned about the burial grounds?

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