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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During his stay, Mark gets to know
(a) The laws concerning the villagers.
(b) The village elders.
(c) The tribal songs and myths.
(d) The Bishop's friends.

2. When Keetah returns to the village, she finds
(a) She has changed in different ways that the villagers have.
(b) She is no longer welcome in the village.
(c) The village has changed, but she has not.
(d) She has changed, but the village has not.

3. Mark observes that everything in nature
(a) Seemed to know he did not belong.
(b) Seemed to sense his presence.
(c) Seemed to know its place.
(d) Seemed to sense his illness.

4. What is Mark's chief concern for the Indians while he is away from the village?
(a) That Sam will hurt someone.
(b) That the Bishop will arrive and find him missing.
(c) That liquor will destroy them.
(d) That he does not belong there anymore.

5. Mark discovers the man has
(a) A broken hip.
(b) A broken back.
(c) A broken leg.
(d) A broken collarbone.

6. When Keetah does not come to see him, Mark decides
(a) She might not want to see him again.
(b) He may not really know the Indians at all.
(c) He may have mistaken the reason for her return.
(d) He might be in love with her.

7. The woman Keetah had lived with at school
(a) Was supportive and caring.
(b) Gave her every chance to prove herself in the white world.
(c) Denied her food and lodging when she arrived.
(d) Was afraid of her and treated her badly.

8. Whose health was revived by the tribal dances and rituals?
(a) Chief Eddy's.
(b) Marta's.
(c) Mrs. Hudson's.
(d) T.P. Wallace's.

9. Keetah wants to bear Gordon's child so that
(a) She can hold on to some part of him.
(b) HIs line will continue to live in the village, though he will not.
(c) She can punish JIm for his past behavior.
(d) He will be forced to marry her against his will.

10. According to Jim, Keetah does not say goodbye to anything in the village because
(a) She never wants to see it again.
(b) She is too distraught to think clearly.
(c) She knows it does not matter to her.
(d) She knows she will come back to it.

11. What favor does Keetah ask from Mark on behalf of the villagers?
(a) She asks him to stay until he dies.
(b) She asks him to perform her marriage to Jim.
(c) She asks him to help her find Gordon again.
(d) She asks him to bring the Bishop back.

12. According to the myth, the hamatsa is
(a) A white man.
(b) A prostitute.
(c) A cedar tree.
(d) A cannibal.

13. Mark advises Jim to
(a) Treak Keetah as he always has.
(b) Treat Keetah as he does the elders.
(c) Treat Keetah as a traditional wife.
(d) Treat Keetah as a partner in their marriage.

14. What did the villagers do to celebrate this "friend?"
(a) They turned it into a shrine.
(b) They turned it into a myth.
(c) They turned it into a mask.
(d) They turned it into a dance.

15. The elders stay away when Gordon visits because
(a) He has no interest in any of the villagers.
(b) He plans to call for change among the villagers.
(c) He has no interest in the past.
(d) He plans to ask the tribe for money for his travels.

Short Answer Questions

1. The elders now believe

2. The passage at the end of the novel means

3. Gordon claims he cannot come "home" again because

4. While Jim and Mark are out on the boat

5. What does Mark Brian's sister feel when she sees him for the first time in months?

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