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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Traveling in the river, Mark begins to
(a) Consider the question of his health.
(b) Consider moving to the village permanently.
(c) Consider leaving the faith.
(d) Consider the wisdom of his work.

2. When Mark tells Marta he has heard the owl call his name, she says
(a) No, you must be mistaken.
(b) Yes, my son.
(c) Only the tribe members can hear the owl.
(d) Not yet, my son.

3. Who waits up for Mark at the end of the novel?
(a) Keetah.
(b) Peter.
(c) Jim.
(d) Marta.

4. According to Jim, Keetah does not say goodbye to anything in the village because
(a) She never wants to see it again.
(b) She knows it does not matter to her.
(c) She is too distraught to think clearly.
(d) She knows she will come back to it.

5. Mark compares Caleb's role among the Indians to that of
(a) The Bishop.
(b) The Salmon man.
(c) The Hamatsa.
(d) The Cedar man.

6. During his stay, Mark gets to know
(a) The Bishop's friends.
(b) The laws concerning the villagers.
(c) The village elders.
(d) The tribal songs and myths.

7. What is Jim's response to Keetah's state of health?
(a) He says she will not raise the child herself.
(b) He says a child is always a reminder of past mistakes.
(c) He says a child is always welcome.
(d) He says no child of Gordon's will ever be his.

8. While Jim and Mark are out on the boat
(a) A landslide occurs.
(b) A tornado occurs.
(c) An earthquake occurs.
(d) A hurricane occurs.

9. What is Mark's chief concern for the Indians while he is away from the village?
(a) That the Bishop will arrive and find him missing.
(b) That Sam will hurt someone.
(c) That he does not belong there anymore.
(d) That liquor will destroy them.

10. When Keetah returns to the village, she finds
(a) She has changed, but the village has not.
(b) The village has changed, but she has not.
(c) She has changed in different ways that the villagers have.
(d) She is no longer welcome in the village.

11. According to the myth, the hamatsa is
(a) A prostitute.
(b) A white man.
(c) A cannibal.
(d) A cedar tree.

12. Who alerts the Bishop to Mark's physical condition?
(a) Jim.
(b) Marta.
(c) Mrs. Hudson.
(d) Keetah.

13. During his travels with Jim, the river has always offered Mark
(a) Another passage way, or a way out.
(b) Another reason to trust the Bishop.
(c) A reason to return to the village.
(d) The chance to go home again.

14. Who tells Mark the myth of the hamatsa?
(a) Peter.
(b) Mrs. Hudson.
(c) Caleb.
(d) Marta.

15. Who is found ill, alone in his shack?
(a) Mark.
(b) Sam.
(c) Jim.
(d) Calamity Bill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What tree has been a great "friend" to the Indians?

2. Mark discovers the man has

3. Why does the Bishop come back to the village?

4. What does Mrs. Hudson suggest they serve at Mark's funeral?

5. The passage at the end of the novel means

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