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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What observation does T. P. Wallace make about Mark Brian?
(a) He was encouraging the Indian sons to leave the tribe.
(b) He did not seem to understand the accepted customs.
(c) He constantly said "we" when he meant "I."
(d) He respected the Indians' customs.

2. Who are Mark Brian's first friends in the village?
(a) Jim Wallace and Chief Eddy.
(b) Two children who visit the vicarage.
(c) Marta Stephens and Ellie.
(d) Sam and his wife.

3. Jim is concerned about Keetah because
(a) She is still engaged to Gordon.
(b) She is pregnant
(c) She is worried about her sister.
(d) She is very sick

4. Who is Tagoona?
(a) Tagoona is the first white priest to live among the Eskimos.
(b) Tagoona is the mythical brother who settled the tribe.
(c) Tagoona is a storm that symbolizes difficult times for the Indians.
(d) Tagoona is an Eskimo who becomes an ordained priest.

5. What question does Mrs. Hudson ask Mark Brian as her family leaves the village in shame?
(a) What have you done to us?
(b) What can you do to help us?
(c) Why have you betrayed us?
(d) Why should we forgive you?

6. The Bishop plans to send the young man to his hardest parish because
(a) He will decide to return to his home and seek medical help.
(b) He will think the village has caused his illness.
(c) He will learn how to speak the Indian languages.
(d) He will learn a great deal quickly.

7. Peter wonders how long it will take the vicar to discover
(a) That Peter is the village carver.
(b) That Peter is the only white teacher.
(c) That Peter lives in the cemetery.
(d) That Peter lives in the vicarage.

8. The young man will be sent to Kingcome to
(a) Patrol the Indian villages.
(b) Convert the Indians to Catholicism.
(c) Quell any Indian rebellions.
(d) Win the Indians trust for political reasons.

9. How do the Indians respond to Mark Brian's attempts to learn their language?
(a) They are offended.
(b) They are amused and mock him openly.
(c) They are amused and indulgent.
(d) They are unimpressed by his efforts.

10. The Bishop will not reveal the young man's illness yet because he fears
(a) The young man will lose his faith if he knows he is dying.
(b) The young man will try too hard if he knows he is dying.
(c) The young man will not try to win over the villagers if he knows he is dying.
(d) The young man will leave the priesthood if he knows he is dying.

11. Why is Keetah's family leaving the tribe to live in a deserted village?
(a) They are ashamed that a drunken family member sold a tribal mask.
(b) They are ashamed that a family member will marry a white man.
(c) They are going to find a better life after selling a tribal mask.
(d) They are going to start their own tribe and traditions.

12. Jim describes his people through several
(a) Paintings.
(b) Legends and stories.
(c) Lengthy historical discussions.
(d) Pantomimes.

13. In Kwakwala, there is no word for
(a) Thank You.
(b) Please.
(c) Goodbye.
(d) Good morning.

14. What arrived at the village in November?
(a) The hospital ship.
(b) The army ship.
(c) The government ship.
(d) The navy ship.

15. What do Jim and Mark witness on the river?
(a) They witness a run of salmon.
(b) They witness a lunar eclipse.
(c) They witness dolphins swimming to the ocean.
(d) They witness a murder.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mrs. Hudson's fear for her granddaughter, who is getting married?

2. In wintertime, how were the beliefs of the tribe relived?

3. How does Jim know that the RCMP officer, Constable Pearson, will be young and hard?

4. How does Mark Brian approach the village of Kingcome?

5. Mark Brian will have to work closely with an agent from

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