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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mark Brian succeeds where the doctor failed to
(a) Pull Sam's tooth.
(b) Pull Ethel's tooth.
(c) Pull Peter's tooth.
(d) Pull Marta's tooth.

2. Who has returned to the village after their self-imposed exile?
(a) Caleb.
(b) Jim's relatives.
(c) Gordon's relatives.
(d) The Bishop.

3. Mark finds himself tending for an orphaned
(a) Boy.
(b) Seal.
(c) Salmon.
(d) Deer.

4. The Bishop plans to send the young man to his hardest parish because
(a) He will think the village has caused his illness.
(b) He will decide to return to his home and seek medical help.
(c) He will learn how to speak the Indian languages.
(d) He will learn a great deal quickly.

5. What does the vicar discover will take him many hours in a day?
(a) Staying alive, fed, and clean.
(b) Lighting the fire in the vicarage.
(c) Repairing the damage to the vicarage.
(d) Studying the Indians' language.

6. Whose death does Mark Brian experience in Chapter 11?
(a) Marta.
(b) Keetah's sister.
(c) Gordon's mother.
(d) Mrs. Hudson.

7. How does Jim know that the RCMP officer, Constable Pearson, will be young and hard?
(a) He claims an older man would not wait ten days to come investigate a child's death.
(b) He claims the Indians always know who is coming before they arrive.
(c) He claims the RCMP officers are always young and hard.
(d) He claims the older man who last held the office was hard.

8. What does the doctor hope the Bishop will do for the young man?
(a) He hopes the Bishop will train the young man well.
(b) He hopes the Bishop will nurse the young man to health.
(c) He hopes the Bishop will pray for the young man.
(d) He hopes the Bishop will warn the young man of his condition.

9. Why is the whole tribe home together for the first time since Mark's arrival in the village?
(a) Everyone has come home for a funeral.
(b) Everyone has come home for Thanksgiving.
(c) Everyone has come home for Christmas.
(d) Everyone has come home for Keetah's sister's wedding.

10. The oolachon is
(a) The blue whale.
(b) The river otter.
(c) The salmon.
(d) The candlefish.

11. The Bishop will not reveal the young man's illness yet because he fears
(a) The young man will leave the priesthood if he knows he is dying.
(b) The young man will not try to win over the villagers if he knows he is dying.
(c) The young man will try too hard if he knows he is dying.
(d) The young man will lose his faith if he knows he is dying.

12. Sam plans to ask the vicar
(a) For liquor.
(b) For counsel about his daughter.
(c) For a loan.
(d) For a job.

13. Why aren't the local deer afraid of guns?
(a) The Indians are afraid to go near the deer.
(b) The Indians do not hunt deer with guns, but hit them with clubs.
(c) The Indians do not hunt deer at all.
(d) The Indians only use guns to hunt bear and geese.

14. The Bishop plans to
(a) Tell the young man to be grateful for his health.
(b) Tell the young man his illness is psychological.
(c) Tell the young man he does not have any illnesses.
(d) Tell the young man about his illness eventually.

15. How old is Jim Wallace?
(a) Twenty-seven.
(b) Forty-seven.
(c) Thirty-seven.
(d) Seventeen.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Indians respond to Mark Brian's attempts to learn their language?

2. Where is the novel set?

3. Mark and Jim share a picnic with

4. Why doesn't the young man know about his illness?

5. Who or what follows Jim and Mark back to the camp?

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