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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mark and Jim share a picnic with
(a) Keetah and Marta.
(b) Chief Eddy and Gordon.
(c) The teacher.
(d) Sam and Ellie.

2. How does Mark describe the inanimate?
(a) Angry, vengeful, and dangerous.
(b) Receptive, agreeable, and easygoing.
(c) Remote, fearfull, and unreachable.
(d) Solid, stubborn, and indifferent.

3. Before he travels to the village, Mark Brian
(a) Suns himself while waiting for Jim to arrive.
(b) Writes letters to his family.
(c) Carefully tends to the boat.
(d) Reconsiders his decision to live in the village.

4. What does Mark Brian do that captures Jim's attention?
(a) He recites a sermon.
(b) He tries to catch the salmon.
(c) He recites an Indian prayer.
(d) He shrieks in fear.

5. Why does Jim plan to get drunk after the funeral?
(a) Because he feels responsible for the boy's death.
(b) Because the dead boy was his relative.
(c) Because he does not like the new vicar.
(d) Because the Indians are dying out.

6. Why didn't the hunters discuss their plans aloud?
(a) The animal spirits would hear, and the game would hide.
(b) The animal spirits would conspire to harm the hunters.
(c) The warrior spirits would try to trick the game into hiding.
(d) The women of the tribe would try to hunt the game first.

7. Jim Wallace wants the vicar to know that he is
(a) Free in the village.
(b) Employed by the church.
(c) The only Indian in the village who is not free.
(d) Not willing to be friends with a white man.

8. The chief teaches Mark Brian to say
(a) Good Morning.
(b) Amen.
(c) How do you do.
(d) God bless you.

9. The vicar believes he will have to begin his work by
(a) Trading for what he needs.
(b) Outsmarting the Indians.
(c) Rolling up his shirtsleeves.
(d) Begging for what he needs.

10. What observation does T. P. Wallace make about Mark Brian?
(a) He did not seem to understand the accepted customs.
(b) He respected the Indians' customs.
(c) He constantly said "we" when he meant "I."
(d) He was encouraging the Indian sons to leave the tribe.

11. The Bishop reveals that Kingcome is
(a) Where he would want to go to renew his faith.
(b) Where he would want to go if he were in the young man's place.
(c) Where he would want to go to escape the real world.
(d) Where he would want to go to spend his dying days.

12. Though cautious, Jim
(a) Immediately befriends the vicar.
(b) Abandons hope for the new vicar.
(c) Rebuilds the vicarage.
(d) Continues to serve the vicar well.

13. What does Mark Brian discover about himself at the start of the chapter?
(a) He must work harder to force the Indians to trust him.
(b) He can understand Kwakwala.
(c) He still does not understand Kwakwala.
(d) He is not liked by the tribal women.

14. What happens when the vicar prays for help about the decayed vicarage?
(a) Indians arrive to help him rebuild.
(b) He receives a letter from the Bishop that same afternoon.
(c) He receives a loan from the church.
(d) He decides his faith is waning.

15. The young man will be sent to Kingcome to
(a) Win the Indians trust for political reasons.
(b) Convert the Indians to Catholicism.
(c) Patrol the Indian villages.
(d) Quell any Indian rebellions.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the men deliver the organ to the church

2. Mark Brian sees himself as

3. Mark Brian believes that if a man were to vanish from this area

4. What happens when the government forbade the Indian dance-potlatches?

5. Jim is concerned about Keetah because

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