I Heard the Owl Call My Name Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the Bishop's intentions for the young ordinand.

The Bishop intends to send the ordinand to his hardest parish in order to learn as much as he can before his death.

2. What limitations does the ordinand's illness place on him?

The young ordinand can live an active life for less than two years, and will not live longer than three years.

3. What seems to be most important to the Bishop regarding the young man and the Indian village?

The Bishop seems most concerned that the young ordinand have a meaningful experience at the Indian village, and that he learn as much as possible as fast as possible.

4. What is significant about the names of the characters revealed in the Introduction?

The characters are referred to only by their titles: the doctor, the Bishop, and the young ordinand.

5. Describe the setting of the novel.

The setting is in British Columbia, among remote islands. Most of the area described is harsh rock and grey rain, but the islands are green and "jewel-like," and contain a few cedar houses. Some of the exposed rock on the islands is covered by green moss. Many animals inhabit the islands and the surrounding waters.

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