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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What new feeling is Mark experiencing in the village?
(a) A feeling of hopelessness.
(b) A feeling of outrage.
(c) A feeling of dissent.
(d) A feeling of dissertion.

2. Mark Brian sees himself as
(a) A brave explorer of a new world.
(b) A guest in the Indians' house.
(c) An interloper on Indian territory.
(d) A fearless conqueror.

3. When the men deliver the organ to the church
(a) It falls apart.
(b) It does not work.
(c) It draws a crowd.
(d) It plays beautifully.

4. Sam plans to ask the vicar
(a) For a loan.
(b) For liquor.
(c) For a job.
(d) For counsel about his daughter.

5. How old is Jim Wallace?
(a) Twenty-seven.
(b) Forty-seven.
(c) Seventeen.
(d) Thirty-seven.

Short Answer Questions

1. Keetah is

2. When Mark Brian sees the tribe approaching the church single file, he is reminded of

3. The Bishop reveals that Kingcome is

4. Ellie is

5. In Kwakwala, there is no word for

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