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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What small revenge does Mrs. Hudson have on the white man?
(a) She serves them wild goose.
(b) She knits them itchy hats.
(c) She serves them mashed turnips.
(d) She refuses to speak English to them.

2. Jim Wallace wants the vicar to know that he is
(a) Free in the village.
(b) The only Indian in the village who is not free.
(c) Not willing to be friends with a white man.
(d) Employed by the church.

3. What observation does T. P. Wallace make about Mark Brian?
(a) He did not seem to understand the accepted customs.
(b) He respected the Indians' customs.
(c) He was encouraging the Indian sons to leave the tribe.
(d) He constantly said "we" when he meant "I."

4. When the men deliver the organ to the church
(a) It draws a crowd.
(b) It plays beautifully.
(c) It does not work.
(d) It falls apart.

5. Before he travels to the village, Mark Brian
(a) Suns himself while waiting for Jim to arrive.
(b) Reconsiders his decision to live in the village.
(c) Writes letters to his family.
(d) Carefully tends to the boat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is true of both the swimmer and Mark Brian?

2. Mark Brian believes the swimmer's fate is

3. How does Mark describe the inanimate?

4. Chief Eddy and Jim seem to have what kind of opinions about Mark Brian?

5. What happens to the salmon, or swimmer, at the end of his journey?

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