Overtones Fun Activities

Alice Gerstenberg
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Choose what songs you would put on a soundtrack that could accompany the story. At what point would you play the songs?

Pay Plan.

Imagine you live by yourself on an average wage. Find out all the expenses you would have and work out a pay plan that also allows you some leisure time.


Divide the students into pairs. Ask them to find and print out a collection of paintings on the Internet that they like and that are from different periods. When the students have finished collect all the pictures, hang them on the wall and divide the students into two groups. Each groups aim is to guess the year of the painting. If they guess within 50 years they score 1 point. Within 25 years is 3 points. Within 10 years is 5 points. Within 5 years is 10 points. The exact date is 25 points.


Write a haiku which you think...

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