Overtones Character Descriptions

Alice Gerstenberg
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Margaret Caldwell - She is the refined, cultured part of herself, just as Harriet is. She is the ego in a desperate situation from which she longs to escape.

Harriet Goodrich - She has a beautiful house, a car, a chauffeur, wonderful food, and all of the fine trappings that wealth can provide. She presents an air of being extremely happy and content. This is all a facade. Deep down, she is in despair over being trapped in her current situation.

Hetty - She embodies the wild, untamed desires and is able to see beyond the courteous everyday conversations that take place. She understands that deep down people are vicious and self-serving and that they just cover this up for the sake of appearing humane.

Maggie - She is not afraid of confrontation. She will do whatever is necessary to get what she wants. During the...

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