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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Milo's profession?

2. When Alex meets with Jamey in jail in Chapter 11, what word does Jamey say?

3. With whom does Souza set up a meeting in Chapter 15?

4. What does Souza ask Alex if he is willing to give at Jamey's trial?

5. What words describe Jamey's appearance during his first meeting with Alex in jail?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Alex questioned by police and what occurs during the meeting?

2. Explain the research study that Jamey was part of.

3. What causes the incident to take place outside of Alex's house in Chapter 12?

4. Explain what is on the video tape that Souza is forced to watch.

5. Describe Jamey's mental state at the end of the story.

6. What is High Power and who is said to need it?

7. What is the relationship of Alex and Jamey at the end of the story?

8. What does Milo learn from Gary in Chapter 32?

9. Describe Jamey and his past.

10. What happens when Alex goes to find Mrs. Vann in Chapter 20?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Chapter 9 reveals the family tree of the Cadmus family. The information given could lead to the understanding of why Jamey may be schizophrenic. Discuss why Jamey's family history is important to getting him out of jail and removed from the list of suspects involved in the slasher case. Cite examples from the reading in order to justify your response.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the friendship between Alex and Milo. What effect does it have on the story? Are there any problems with the friendship? What makes the relationship the two have a friendship?

Essay Topic 3

When Alex visits the County jail where Jamey is being held, he is given a tour of the facilities by Patrick Montez, a social worker. How are mental health patients treated in jail? Discuss the problems with the jail, Jamey's health and family and what this means for Jamey's time spent in jail.

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