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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jamey hurt himself while in jail?
(a) Hangs himself.
(b) Bangs his head against the wall.
(c) Cuts himself with a paper clip.
(d) Continues to kick the wall.

2. What does Jennifer question about Jamey?
(a) Why Jamey is incarcerated.
(b) His reasons for murdering Digby.
(c) Why Jamey was with a prostitute.
(d) The validity of his diagnosis.

3. Who is mentally ill in Jamey's family?
(a) Darby.
(b) Arthur.
(c) Dwight.
(d) Antoinette.

4. What is Horace Souza's profession?
(a) Medical doctor.
(b) Policeman.
(c) Psychologist.
(d) Lawyer.

5. With whom does Souza set up a meeting in Chapter 15?
(a) Milo.
(b) Alex.
(c) Heather Cadmus.
(d) Dwight.

6. What is Jamey said to have been seen doing when in Dr. Flowers's program?
(a) Taking drugs.
(b) Talking to himself.
(c) Ripping his clothing.
(d) Picking his nose.

7. What does Heather say Jamey stole from her?
(a) A knife.
(b) A lavendar dress.
(c) Money.
(d) An orange dress.

8. Where did Jamey first meet Digby?
(a) In therapy.
(b) At school.
(c) A restaurant.
(d) A party.

9. What does Alex believe is happening to Jamey during their phone call?
(a) He is hallucinating.
(b) He is playing a trick on him.
(c) He is on drugs.
(d) He is reliving past memories.

10. When Mainwaring sees Alex at the hospital, what does he demand of him?
(a) His identity.
(b) His help.
(c) His files.
(d) His knowledge of Jamey.

11. Where does the meeting between Alex and Mainwaring take place?
(a) Canyon Oaks.
(b) Alex's library.
(c) Mainwaring's office.
(d) Souza's office.

12. What is Milo's profession?
(a) Therapist.
(b) Policeman.
(c) Security Guard.
(d) Volunteer nurse.

13. What is Jamey holding when he is found at the murder scene of Digby Chancellor and a male prostitute?
(a) A pink sweater.
(b) A lavendar scarf.
(c) A rope.
(d) A gun.

14. What does Souza question Alex about Jamey?
(a) If Alex think Jamey will die.
(b) If Jamey get out of jail.
(c) If Jamey's on drugs.
(d) If Jamey killed Digby.

15. Who sets up a meeting between Alex and Mainwaring?
(a) Milo.
(b) Alex.
(c) Mainwaring.
(d) Souza.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Milo say is considered as possible suspects in the murder case?

2. Who sends Alex to the Chancellor estate to visit a crime scene that is being investigated?

3. Who was in charge of the research study that Jamey is previously a part of?

4. How is Jamey said to have first viewed Heather?

5. What does Alex believe may be wrong with Jamey?

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