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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26, 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the officers that question Alex at his home surprised to meet during their visit?
(a) Jamey.
(b) Horace Souza.
(c) Milo.
(d) Robin.

2. What does Dwight say prevented Jamey from having traditional schooling and normal social interaction?
(a) His intelligence.
(b) His violent personality.
(c) His hate of others.
(d) His oddness.

3. While talking with Alex, who does Dr. Flowers receive an alarming phone call from?
(a) Jamey.
(b) Milo.
(c) Gary.
(d) Souza.

4. Who does Dr. Flower's organize a meeting with for Alex?
(a) People from Project 150.
(b) Jamey.
(c) People from Project 160.
(d) Gary.

5. After returning home from his meeting with Milo, who does Alex call?
(a) Jamey.
(b) Lou.
(c) Dr. Flowers.
(d) Skagg.

Short Answer Questions

1. If an inmate in jail is not wealthy, what are they denied?

2. Who hires a separate doctor in order to look after Jamey in jail?

3. What is the profession of the person Alex meets at Robin's studio?

4. Who does Mrs. Vann say she was attacked by?

5. Where does Milo tell Alex to meet him after arresting Ernie?

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