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Heather's Lavender Dress - This object is found in Jamey's hand when he is discovered at a murder scene.

Knife - This object is used in order to harm a male prostitute and Digby Chancellor.

Golden Eagle - This place serves alcohol and is designed in the shape of a trapezoid and resembles an airplane.

Chancellor's Estate - This is the location where Jamey is found by police next to two dead men.

Garden/Koi Pond - This spot is a colorful haven where Alex goes to relax.

Alex's Library - This place is used when Alex wants to study or does not want to disturb his wife, Robin.

Canyon Oaks Psychiatric Hospital - This place is very warm and welcoming on the outside, but holds cold isolation on the inside.

Souza's Building and Office - These two places are located in the mid-Wilshire financial district and...

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