Over the Edge Character Descriptions

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Dr. Alex Delaware - This character has their own private psychology practice and is known for their empathetic manner and strong instincts.

Jamey Cadmus - This character has a very high intelligence and tends to feel isolated from others.

Horace Souza - This character represents people and families and only cares about money, power and revenge.

Sergeant Michael Sturgis (Milo) - This person is often stressed due to their job, which causes them to indulge in drinking too much.

Dr. Sarita Flowers - This character is in charge of research programs and has a strong desire to succeed due to their competitive background.

Dr. Guy Mainwaring - This person is interrogated for harming a patient, but claims they were fooled.

Dwight Cadmus - This character is in charge of another person's care, but does not succeed in this area due to the large amount of guilt they...

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