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Chapter 1, 2, 3

• Alex receives a call from a former patient named Jamey Cadmus.

• Jamey is incoherent during the phone call, but Alex realizes Jamey is in the hospital.

• Before Alex can learn anythin important from Jamey, yhe phone line goes dead.

• Jamey is said to be on drugs or have Schizophrenia.
• Alex tricks a guard at the hospital into believing he is Jamey's doctor.

• Alex speaks to Nurse Vann and Miss Surtees while at the hospital. Surtees is Jamey's private care nurse.

• Surtees says she loosened Jamey's restraints and afterward, Jamey attacked her and then escaped from the hospital.

• Dr. Mainwaring, Jamey's current doctor, tells Alex that Jamey has been hallucinating for a year and has early onset Schizophrenia.

• Alex meets Jamey years earlier while Jamey was a part of a research study group for young, highly gifted children called Project 160. Jamey begins a friendship with Alex and later...

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