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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What caused Ponyboy's injury/illness during the rumble?
(a) A gunshot.
(b) Getting kicked in the head.
(c) Poison.
(d) A stab wound that got infected.

2. Who does Ponyboy go to the grocery store with in Chapter 12?
(a) Soda and Sandy.
(b) Steve and Two-Bit.
(c) Cherry and Marcia.
(d) Randy and Darry.

3. Who shoots Dally?
(a) Randy.
(b) Cherry.
(c) The cops.
(d) Soda.

4. Where is the rumble to take place?
(a) The hospital.
(b) The school.
(c) The vacant lot.
(d) Ponyboy's back yard.

5. Who has moved to Florida by Chapter 7?
(a) Cherry.
(b) Soda.
(c) Buck.
(d) Sandy.

6. Ponyboy tells Randy that Johnny isn't ______.
(a) Alive.
(b) Poor.
(c) Sorry.
(d) Dead.

7. Who does Ponyboy say killed Bob?
(a) Himself.
(b) Johnny.
(c) Soda.
(d) Randy.

8. On the way to Dally's room, who do Two-Bit and Johnny pass in the hospital hallway?
(a) Johnny's mother.
(b) The doctor.
(c) Dally's father.
(d) Soda.

9. What does Ponyboy threaten the three Socs at the grocery store with?
(a) His fists.
(b) A broken Pepsi bottle.
(c) A gun.
(d) A knife.

10. Why do Ponyboy and his brothers go home from the hospital in Chapter 7?
(a) To get some rest.
(b) To get some money.
(c) To hide from the police.
(d) They get kicked out of the hospital.

11. Who is delusional about Johnny's death?
(a) Randy.
(b) Ponyboy.
(c) Soda.
(d) Darry.

12. When he reads the newspaper stories about the fire, where does Ponyboy learn that he has to go?
(a) Juvenile court.
(b) The hospital.
(c) Texas.
(d) Back to school.

13. What does Johnny want Two-Bit to go get for him in Chapter 8?
(a) A copy of Gone With The Wind.
(b) Some water.
(c) A blanket.
(d) A knife.

14. Who has a fever and isn't feeling very well while he is at the hospital?
(a) Johnny.
(b) Two-Bit.
(c) Ponyboy.
(d) Dally.

15. What is wrong with Ponyboy after the rumble?
(a) He has a cold.
(b) He has a concussion.
(c) He has cancer.
(d) He has been shot.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has a bad feeling about the rumble?

2. Who waits at the hospital with Ponyboy in Chapter 7?

3. What does the judge ask Ponyboy?

4. What does Soda want to do after the big rumble?

5. What is one of the things Ponyboy reads while confined to his bed?

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