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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who jumps Ponyboy when he is walking home from the movie theater?
(a) A group of Socs.
(b) A robber.
(c) The police.
(d) His brothers.

2. What does Cherry do to Dally at the drive-in?
(a) She slaps him.
(b) She throws a coke in his face.
(c) She kisses him.
(d) She ignores him.

3. Cherry tells Ponyboy that he is the type of person who ________________.
(a) Gets upset easily.
(b) Watches sunsets.
(c) Hits women.
(d) Steals cars.

4. Who wrote the poem that Ponyboy recites to Johnny?
(a) Walt Whitman.
(b) Cherry.
(c) Ponyboy.
(d) Robert Frost.

5. What are Ponyboy and Johnny looking at when Ponyboy recites the line "Nothing gold can stay"?
(a) The falling leaves.
(b) The windows of the church.
(c) The sunrise.
(d) Ponyboy's hair.

6. What does Johnny think he and Ponyboy should do instead of hiding out in the church?
(a) Rent a motel room.
(b) Call their parents.
(c) Turn themselves in.
(d) Go to Mexico.

7. In Ponyboy's view, what is the only thing that makes him a greaser?
(a) Where he lives.
(b) His brothers.
(c) His jacket.
(d) His long hair.

8. Why do the greasers sneak into the drive-in?
(a) They have been kicked out already.
(b) It is a challenge.
(c) They don't want anyone to see them.
(d) They don't have the money to pay their way in.

9. What does Dally give to Ponyboy and Johnny when they go to see him after the fight in the park?
(a) The phone number of someone who can help.
(b) A car.
(c) A gun.
(d) Money and a gun.

10. According to Ponyboy's brother, what is one of Ponyboy's bad habits?
(a) Smoking
(b) Talking back.
(c) Biting his nails.
(d) Not thinking.

11. What do Ponyboy and Johnny do to pass the time while hiding out in the church?
(a) They build a fort.
(b) They write letters to family.
(c) They read Gone With the Wind.
(d) They watch movies.

12. Where do Johnny and Ponyboy go after Cherry and Marcia leave with the Socs?
(a) School.
(b) The vacant lot.
(c) The movies.
(d) Home.

13. What is Cherry's last name?
(a) Smith.
(b) Valance.
(c) Rogers.
(d) Reynolds.

14. Where do Johnny, Ponyboy, and Two-Bit walk to with Cherry and Marcia after they leave the movies?
(a) To Two-Bit's house to get his car.
(b) To a restaurant.
(c) To the park.
(d) To Johnny's house.

15. What is Darry doing at the hospital to make Ponyboy realize that Darry really does care about him?
(a) Sneaking out of the hospital.
(b) Crying.
(c) Paying his doctor bills.
(d) Yelling at Jerry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ponyboy think Darry would do to him if Soda would let him?

2. What do the rich kids call Ponyboy and his friends?

3. Why doesn't Soda attend school?

4. To whom does Johnny compare the southern gentlemen in the book he and Ponyboy are reading?

5. Why are there children at the church in Chapter 6?

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