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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cherry say about Ponyboy's name?
(a) She says it's a lovely name.
(b) She says it's a stupid name.
(c) She laughs and makes fun of his name.
(d) She says she has a friend with the same name.

2. Why doesn't Dally want Johnny to go to jail?
(a) Because Ponyboy will be alone without Johnny.
(b) Because jail will harden Johnny.
(c) Because Johnny is too young.
(d) Because Dally wants to teach him a lesson.

3. When Dally comes to check on Johnny and Ponyboy at the church, where does he take them to eat?
(a) Dairy Queen.
(b) McDonald's.
(c) Taco Bell.
(d) His mom's house.

4. What does Cherry tell the cops about Bob's murder?
(a) That it was self-defense.
(b) That she killed Bob.
(c) That he is not really dead.
(d) That Ponyboy killed Bob.

5. Why doesn't Soda attend school?
(a) He dropped out.
(b) He graduated.
(c) He got expelled.
(d) He is home-schooled.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the fight in the park, where does Dally suggest that Ponyboy and Johnny to go to hide?

2. Where do Johnny and Ponyboy go after Cherry and Marcia leave with the Socs?

3. Who does Ponyboy think started the fire?

4. Who is nicknamed Cherry?

5. What does Johnny ask Dally when he comes to the church?

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