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Lesson 1

Objective: The tension and division between social classes emerges immediately in Chapter 1. The objective of this lesson is to discuss this tension as a theme in the novel.

1) Discussion: How are the Socs different from the greasers? Why don't they like each other or get along? Do you see similar rivalries here at school or in your daily life? Why is it significant that S.E. Hinton capitalizes the term "Socs" and not the term "greasers?" Does it show that the Socs have a more respectable perception in society, or that they are a more organized group, while the greasers are just a bunch of misfits?

2) Activity: Provide each student with two pieces of paper with a "paper doll" style human figure on them. Have them draw on clothing, facial expressions, etc. reflecting their perception of what a greaser and a Soc look like.

3) Activity: Divide the...

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