The Outsiders Character Descriptions

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Randy Adderson - This character is a Soc who takes his best friend's death very hard and comes to the realization that none of the fighting is worth it.

Johnny Cade - This character is one of the youngest greasers. He is beaten and ignored by his parents.

Darrel Curtis - This character is his brothers' guardian after their parents die in a car wreck. He is tough and rarely smiles.

Dairy Curtis - See Darrel Curtis

Ponyboy Curtis - The narrator of the story, this character is more sensitive than the other greasers.

Sodapop Curtis - This character is constantly trying to make peace between his two brothers.

Paul Holden - This character answers for the Socs at the rumble.

Johnnycakes - See Johnny Cade

Marcia - This character is a Soc who seems like a good match for one of the greasers when they meet...

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