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Chapter 1

• Ponyboy is a young, poor teenager who lives with his brothers, Soda and Darry. Their parents died in a car accident, and Darry is raising Ponyboy.

• The greasers are the poor kids from the West Side, while the Socs are their wealthier rivals who live on the East side.

• Ponyboy gets jumped by the Socs as he is walking home from a movie.

• Ponyboy's brothers and friends rescue him and scare the Socs away.

• Ponyboy wonders why the Socs hate the greasers so much, and why he is different from everyone else.

Chapter 2

• The greasers sneak into a drive-in movie.

• The boys sit near some Soc girls, and Dally harasses the girls until Johnny finally tells him to cut it out.

• The girls, Marcia and Cherry, hit it off with Ponyboy and Johnny and invite the boys to sit with them.

• Two-Bit arrives and tells everyone that...

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