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Malcolm Gladwell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Bill Joy?
(a) An Apple programmer.
(b) A entrepreneur in the field of sports.
(c) A entrepreneur in the field of art.
(d) A computer programmer.

2. Who is Anders Ericcson?
(a) A psychologist.
(b) A statistician.
(c) A sociologist.
(d) A psychiatrist.

3. Why are children born in a certain part of the year more likely to stand out?
(a) They have more growth than the younger ones of the same year.
(b) If they are born in the summer, they practice more.
(c) They are called first to play on teams.
(d) There is no likelihood that one child will stand out over another.

4. Who developed the Stanford-Binet test?
(a) Todd Binet.
(b) John Stanford.
(c) Lewis Terman.
(d) Erricsson.

5. Where does Langan once make an appearance that Gladwell mentions?
(a) A television quiz show.
(b) A chess meet.
(c) A Senate investigation committee.
(d) A group of anthropologists in Brazil.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Wolf think it is not the region that is healthy?

2. What opportunity does Joy have that few students had at that time?

3. What do the residents of Roseto reconstruct?

4. When does Wolf visit Roseto?

5. What do Barnsley and a colleague find when they do further investigation into the entire country's professional hockey teams?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the unusual circumstances in the timing of Bill Joy's career in computer programming?

2. What does Wolf investigate and what does he learn?

3. Who is Chris Langan?

4. What is Langan working on and when does he expect to publish it?

5. What does Gladwell assert about intelligence and what analogy does he use?

6. What does Gladwell say a surface examination of the Canadian hockey league system would suggest?

7. What makes Roseto an "outlier" town and how does this fact come to light?

8. When are most of Canada's best hockey players born, and why does Barnley think that is so?

9. Where is Roseto and who founded it?

10. What table of data does Gladwell insert in his book at this point?

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