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Malcolm Gladwell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does access via terminals replace at Joy's college?
(a) Access only via the mainframe.
(b) Loading one application at a time.
(c) Access via the telephone.
(d) Limited access via one computer in the lab.

2. To where does Langan transfer from his first college?
(a) Oklahoma State University.
(b) University of Michigan.
(c) University of Montana.
(d) UC Berkeley.

3. What does Wolf investigate among the families of Roseto?
(a) Their income status.
(b) Their family history.
(c) Their diet.
(d) Their outlooks on life.

4. What time period is the first example of an outlier from?
(a) The first decade of the 21st century.
(b) Mid-to late 20th century.
(c) The first half of the 20th century.
(d) The last decade of the 19th century.

5. What does Gladwell say has a threshold?
(a) Intelligence.
(b) Statistics.
(c) Tolerance.
(d) The accuracy of IQ tests.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do some players from the highest young people's hockey team sometimes go on to do?

2. What is the name of the hockey team Gladwell examines in detail?

3. Where does Langan end up living?

4. What does Gladwell address before he finishes the story about Chris Langan?

5. What does Wolf learn when he examines the diets of the people of Roseto?

Short Essay Questions

1. To what does Gladwell attribute the difference between Langan and Oppenheimer?

2. What does Wolf finally decide is the reason for the low number of heart disease-related deaths?

3. What is the origination of the title of this chapter, "The Matthew Effect"?

4. What is Langan working on and when does he expect to publish it?

5. What experiment does Lewis Terman carry out beginning in the 1920s?

6. How are students in the hockey leagues grouped and what is the way the children move into other leagues?

7. What does Wolf investigate and what does he learn?

8. Why is the local physician's claim unusual, and what does Wolf decide to do?

9. Where is Roseto and who founded it?

10. When are most of Canada's best hockey players born, and why does Barnley think that is so?

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