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Malcolm Gladwell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what town in Europe are most of the early residents of Roseto, Pennsylvania?
(a) Rome.
(b) Roseto.
(c) Naples.
(d) Lucera.

2. Which country's public school system has a similar effect to that found in Hungarian and Czechoslovakian soccer leagues?
(a) French.
(b) British.
(c) Canadian.
(d) American.

3. What does Gladwell delay discussing until the next chapter?
(a) The rest of Langan's story.
(b) How to use innate intelligence even if you do not have a high IQ.
(c) The rest of Terman's story.
(d) Why highly intelligent people are seldom successful.

4. Through what age range are the school children tracked?
(a) From very young through into their adult lives.
(b) From very young until graduation from college.
(c) From very young up until graduation from high school.
(d) From very young until ninth grade.

5. What college does Joy attend?
(a) University of Michigan.
(b) UC Berkeley.
(c) Stanford.
(d) UCLA.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Langan's family situated financially?

2. What does Roger notice about the majority of the hockey players in the game he is watching?

3. Why are children born in a certain part of the year more likely to stand out?

4. What does Gladwell say is required for someone to succeed?

5. Who is Stewart Wolf?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Joy and some of his fellow students make it possible to use the computers more than is allowed and what is the result?

2. What table of data does Gladwell insert in his book at this point?

3. To what does Gladwell attribute the difference between Langan and Oppenheimer?

4. What does Gladwell assert about intelligence and what analogy does he use?

5. What experiment does Lewis Terman carry out beginning in the 1920s?

6. Where is Roseto and who founded it?

7. What does Gladwell say Langan does not seem to be able to do?

8. How are students in the hockey leagues grouped and what is the way the children move into other leagues?

9. Who is Robert Oppenheimer and what does he accomplish?

10. What does Gladwell say a surface examination of the Canadian hockey league system would suggest?

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