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Malcolm Gladwell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a proxy war?
(a) When two companies appoint proxies to infiltrate the other company.
(b) When two companies war over the same contract.
(c) When shareholders in the company vote and replace the board of directors with people who will agree to the company being acquired.
(d) When some people vote in proxy to remove key executives.

2. What is one type of work Joe Flom does when he is just out of college?
(a) A take over of a public company.
(b) Buying and selling goods at trade shows.
(c) Whatever he is told to do.
(d) Working with indigent patients at a public hospital.

3. What determines the amount of crops taken by the government each year?
(a) It is fixed.
(b) The weather.
(c) It fluctuates depending on how much the government puts out.
(d) Any wars going on.

4. What is the most important thing in the type of culture Gladwell examines in Kentucky?
(a) Frugal living.
(b) Loyalty to clan or family.
(c) Loyalty to country.
(d) Love of the land.

5. What neighborhood feeds into KIPP Academy?
(a) An upper, middle-class area.
(b) One of the worst in the city.
(c) It draws from the entire New York City.
(d) An upper-class area.

6. What pattern does Gladwell examine in Kentucky?
(a) Families who go into the tobacco industry.
(b) Families who go into coal mining.
(c) Family feuds.
(d) Families who go into the garment industry.

7. Why does Flom and those of his generation have their pick of good schools?
(a) New universities are arising rapidly in this era.
(b) College is not valued at that time.
(c) The supply of students is relatively low.
(d) College is just becoming popular and so colleges are competing to get students.

8. Where is Harlan?
(a) Near the border of Kentucky and Illinois.
(b) In southwestern Kentucky.
(c) In Western Tennessee.
(d) On the Cumberland Plateau in Kentucky.

9. Gladwell says the Borgenichts are successful but never what?
(a) Pretentious.
(b) Dishonest.
(c) Ambitious.
(d) Wealthy.

10. What firms are run by Christian men who live in the suburbs?
(a) Black tie law firms.
(b) Black shoe law firms.
(c) White shoe law firms.
(d) White shirt law firms.

11. Of what does Gladwell say the average student needs more?
(a) Breaks throughout the year.
(b) School.
(c) Better facilities.
(d) Summer break.

12. What does Gladwell say about reading schools at the end of one year compared to at the beginning of the next year?
(a) The poorest students make no progress in their reading skills over the summer.
(b) The smartest students make no progress in their reading skills over the summer.
(c) Only the very brightest students students make progress in their reading skills over the summer.
(d) The most average studentsstudents make no progress in their reading skills over the summer.

13. How is the pilot described?
(a) An alcoholic.
(b) A workaholic.
(c) Very experienced.
(d) Fairly inexperienced.

14. Where do Cohen and Nisbett conduct an experiment?
(a) University of Michigan.
(b) University of Kentucky.
(c) University of Maine.
(d) University of Illinois.

15. What does a feudal lord take from his farmers?
(a) A small portion of their crops.
(b) About half of the farmers' crops.
(c) None of the crops.
(d) The larger portion of their crops.

Short Answer Questions

1. What percentage above the average student do KIPP students attend school?

2. What is one characteristic of a rice paddy?

3. What is one way in which Flom's life is affected by the second lesson of Joe Flom?

4. Why does Joe Flom have trouble getting a job after college?

5. Where is the school that Gladwell focuses on in "Marita's Bargan"?

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