Objects & Places from Outliers: The Story of Success

Malcolm Gladwell
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A small town in Pennsylvania and also the name of a town in Italy.

South Korea

An Asian country with a culture that recognizes many levels of authority and social standing.

Harlan, Kentucky

A rural mountain town in Kentucky that is settled by immigrants from the borderlands of England and Scotland.

10,000-hour Rule

A rule that says that to become expert at some complex task, a person must practice it for a certain number of hours.


A standardized measurement of ability in math and science between countries.

Korean Air Lines

A company that was notorious for its poor safety record.


A standardized measurement of intelligence, with 100 being an average score.

Aviana Crash

The crash of a Colombian airplane on Long Island.

KIPP Schools

An educational philosophy that implements longer class periods, longer school days and longer school years.

Hofstede Dimensions

A set of cultural measurements...

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