Outliers: The Story of Success Fun Activities

Malcolm Gladwell
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Plan ways you can establish and/or strength one of the communities of which you are part. Consider such communities as your family, a group of close friends, a team or social club. Project what you think might be the benefits of being in a strong community.

Put the Matthew Effect to Work for You

Study over the section (Part 1, Chapter 1) on The Matthew Effect and decide how you can take advantage of that particular principle. Derive a "game plan" to do so. Present your ideas in class.

Using the 10,000 Rule in the Pursuit of Excellence

Choose one thing you would like to excel in and then make a plan to pursue that area for a total of 10,000 hours. Present your plan to the class.

Discovering and Using Practical Intelligence

Journal about your practical intelligence--what are your strengths and weaknesses? How has your practical intelligence helped you...

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