Outliers: The Story of Success Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Malcolm Gladwell
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Introduction: The Roseto Mystery

• An outlier is something that is classified differently from other items in its similar group, such as a city that is different from other cities.

• Gladwell's first example of an outlier is the town of Roseto, Pennsylvania in the first half of the 20th century.

• Roseto was founded by Italian immigrants in the late 19th century and is centered around a local slate quarry business.

• The residents of Roseto are remarkably healthy when compared to other Americans. This makes Roseto an outlier.

• This aspect of Roseto was discovered by a visiting physician in the 1950's through a conversation with the local doctor.

• The local doctor says in the many years of treating the people of Roseto he has rarely seen anyone with heart disease.

• The visiting doctor is surprised and researches the town. He finds that Roseto does have a 30 to 35 percent lower death...

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