Objects & Places from Outlander

Diana Gabaldon
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Highland Bed and Breakfast

Claire and Frank move to this place after the war is over to rest and to rekindle their relationship.

Craigh na Dun

This is the place that causes Claire to travel back in time. She returns to this place later in the novel to return to the 1900s, but she decides to stay in the 1700s with Jamie instead.

The Scottish Moor

This place is open land---full of grass, small plants, and birds.

Castle Leoch

This place is where Colum and Dougal Mackenzie and a host of other characters live. Jamie and Claire live here temporarily as well; Claire develops a thriving medical practice in this place's infirmary.

The Abbey

Jamie goes to this place twice in order to heal after having been wounded by the English.

Wentworth Prison

This is the place where the English take Jamie and hold him captive.



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