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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Culla tells his sister that her baby is ________________.
(a) in the hospital.
(b) at a convent.
(c) at an orphanage.
(d) buried in the ground.

2. What does Culla buy for breakfast?
(a) Cheese and crackers.
(b) Oatmeal.
(c) Donuts.
(d) Pancakes.

3. What kind of work does a woman hire Rinthy to do?
(a) Sewing.
(b) Cleaning.
(c) Gardening.
(d) Canning.

4. Where is the nurse located?
(a) Memphis.
(b) The next town.
(c) Nearby the store.
(d) At the edge of the woods.

5. How much will Culla be paid for the job in #79?
(a) $1 per day.
(b) $5 for the whole job.
(c) $10 for the whole job.
(d) 50 cents a day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What/Who is Culla looking for as he walks through the countryside?

2. Who is about to give birth in the unnamed man's house?

3. Why is the unnamed man hiding the fact that the woman is pregnant?

4. Why does Culla become angry at his sister?

5. What does the person in #52 sense about Culla?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does McCarthy introduce Culla and what are the circumstances of him and his sister?

2. Why does the squire decide to go after Culla the next morning?

3. Describe Rinthy's experience after she steals some turnips from a farmer.

4. What sentence does Culla receive from the man and what unusual request does Culla end up making of the man?

5. How does Culla get rescued when the ferryboat runs out of control?

6. Who is Clark and what job does he offer to Culla?

7. Why is Culla angry at his sister for digging in the grave?

8. Who is Clark and what job does he offer to Culla?

9. How does McCarthy introduce the tinker in the story?

10. Describe the kind old man who Culla encounters on his journey.

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