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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Culla see as he pulls the ladder up to the barn to work?
(a) A dead cow.
(b) A beautiful sunrise.
(c) Men storming toward him.
(d) A wasps' nest.

2. What injury does the squire sustain from the men who attacked him on the road?
(a) Severed spine.
(b) Head trauma.
(c) Amputated arm.
(d) Gunshot wound.

3. Why does the unnamed man struggle on his way back to the cabin?
(a) It is raining hard.
(b) It is very dark.
(c) There is a blizzard.
(d) He is not familiar with the area.

4. Who sends some men to search for whoever removed the person in #85 from the grave?
(a) The sheriff.
(b) The postmaster.
(c) The minister.
(d) A man in a black suit.

5. What is the person in #19 walking on in the woods?
(a) A sidewalk.
(b) A foot path.
(c) A ravine.
(d) A bridge.

6. In what condition is the baby when discovered in the woods?
(a) Precarious.
(b) Dead.
(c) Healthy.
(d) A little weak.

7. What does Culla buy for breakfast?
(a) Donuts.
(b) Pancakes.
(c) Cheese and crackers.
(d) Oatmeal.

8. Culla's sister tells the family in the house that she is looking for ______________.
(a) her brother.
(b) religion.
(c) the tinker.
(d) a job.

9. What does Culla's sister know that the tinker has that belongs to her?
(a) Her baby.
(b) Her brother.
(c) Her purse.
(d) Her horse.

10. In what state does the unnamed man live?
(a) It is not known.
(b) Vermont.
(c) Tennessee.
(d) North Carolina.

11. What does the unnamed man do with the newborn child?
(a) Cleans him.
(b) Takes him to a clinic.
(c) Leaves it in the woods.
(d) Feeds him a bottle.

12. What food does Rinthy steal from a garden?
(a) Turnips.
(b) Potatoes.
(c) Strawberries.
(d) Carrots.

13. In what part of his body does Culla sustain superficial gunshot wounds?
(a) Back.
(b) Leg.
(c) Foot.
(d) Shoulder.

14. What item of clothing does the man in the woods notice about Culla?
(a) His jacket.
(b) His belt.
(c) His hat.
(d) His boots.

15. In what part of his body does Culla sustain superficial gunshot wounds?
(a) Shoulder.
(b) Foot.
(c) Leg.
(d) Back.

Short Answer Questions

1. Culla's sister stops at a house where she is met by a man on the porch holding a __________.

2. How does Culla elude the men?

3. What does the young boy ask Culla's sister to do in town?

4. How much will Culla be paid for the job in #79?

5. What is the reaction of the woman at the store when the baby is brought there?

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