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Charles Harry Whedbee
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through 6. Currituck Jack.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What coast were Seaman Brooks and his crew sailing?
(a) Cape Hatteras.
(b) Island Hatteras.
(c) Hatteras Island.
(d) Cape Nantucket.

2. What did the grand jury write on the indictment papers to dismiss the woman who was accused of witchcraft in North Carolina?
(b) Dismissed.
(c) "IDIOTIC".
(d) Satanic.

3. How does Tim die?
(a) He drowns.
(b) He accidentally cuts his own self with an axe.
(c) He kills himself.
(d) He starves to death.

4. What reason does Whedbee give for North Carolina being virtually witch free?
(a) The people of North Caroline ignored it.
(b) He does not give a reason.
(c) The people of North Carolina had more sense than that.
(d) He does not suggest that about North Carolina.

5. What is White Cloud's dying wish?
(a) For her lover to continue traveling.
(b) For her fiance to kiss her.
(c) For her askes to be tossed at sea.
(d) To always be able to watch for her lover's return.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Elnora?

2. Who sneaks a knife to his comrades in the hold of the ship?

3. What is the tree in Edenton a landmark for?

4. What does Tim notice about the mill?

5. What happens to the people who complain about Tim's new wife?

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