Out of Africa Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Blixen's property in Kenya.

Karen has a total of 6,000 acres of which 600 acres comprise the coffee plantation, a thousand or so acres are where the squatters live, and the rest is native forest.

2. Describe what Karen does for the sick and injured squatters on her land. Give an example.

From nine to ten in the morning she administers to the sick and injured. She takes extra care of Kamante, who suffers from sores on his leg, by bringing him to the Scottish Mission for treatment.

3. Karen observes that the natives have a flair for the dramatic. Give an example.

When Kamante returns cured of his leg sores, he wraps his legs in old bandages up to the knees so he can then remove them and show Karen his is disease free. He does this because just showing Karen would not be exciting enough.

4. Describe Kamante.

Kamante is very reserved, expecting suffering from everything around him. Karen observes him at her evening school as he keeps to himself. He becomes Karen's medical assistant and cook. Kamante serves Karen for almost twelve years from the age of nine till she leaves Africa.

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