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Objective: The objective for this lesson is to discover what an autobiography is and how Out of Africa is Blixen's autobiography. What language is used to indicate that this is an autobiography? In what person is the story told?

1) Tasks
1) Introduction to Out of Africa. Teacher briefs the students in biographical details of Karen Blixen's life: what country she comes from, her social class, her marriage and acquisition of 6,000 acres of land in Kenya where she establishes a coffee plantation.
2) Teacher hands out packet to students containing: Chapter 1-4 abstracts, matching game, multiple choice, and short essay questions.
3) Teacher reads out loud to the class the first few pages of Chapter 1.

1) For class discussion: What is an autobiography? What makes Out of Africa an autobiography? In what person is the story told? What perspective/point of view does Karen present in these first few pages? Have you...

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