Out of Africa Fun Activities

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Plan a Safari

Research companies that organize safaris. Compare their prices, what they offer, and recommend one that you think is the best.

Create the flag of Kenya

Materials needed: tracing paper, colored construction paper, white poster board, glue, scissors.

Directions: On tracing paper, plan, measure and design the pieces of the Kenyan flag. Trace out the pieces on appropriate colored paper. Map out the design on white poster board, tracing it from the large plan of the tracing paper. Paste the pieces of the design on white construction paper in the appropriate areas.


Assemble a scrapbook of the birds of Africa mentioned in this book. Include descriptions of their habits.

Design a modern woman's outfit based on the fabric designs of Kenya


Find a fabric sample typical of Kenya.

Create a modern woman's outfit using this fabric design.


White card stock.

Pencil or thin...

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