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Essay Topic 1

Man generally co-inhabits with the animals of this earth. Karen has a true relationship with Lulu. This fascinates naturalists and others who come to visit and observe for themselves. Compare the general relation man has with animals and why Karen's relationship with Lulu is different. What is it about Karen's relationship with Lulu that fascinates the naturalist and the others who come to observe Lulu?

Essay Topic 2

Karen would like to hold onto her own happiness, but cannot. She would like to hold onto Lulu and keep her on the farm, but cannot. Explain how Lulu symbolizes Karen's fleeting happiness.

Essay Topic 3

"I will not let thee go except thou bless me" is quoted in the book. What does this passage mean? How does Karen relate it to her life?

Essay Topic 4

Compare and contrast how the natives handle the disputes such as Farah's younger brother...

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