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Chapters 1 - 4

• Karen Blixen's land is located at the base of Ngong Hills.

• 600 acres of coffee plantation, 1000 acres for squatters, the rest native forest.

• Squatters eke out a living from subsistence farming and live stock in exchange for working a number of days a year on the farm.

• Twelve miles from the farm is Nairobi, the capital, where government buildings are located.

• A Swahili town is located near Nairobi. It is a dirty, gaudy place.

• A Somali town, farther away from Nairobi, is home to nomads who are primarily cattle dealers and traders.

• Indian merchants dominate the big native business quarter of the bazaar.

• Karen feels great affection for the natives, though never truly understanding them.

• Karen acts as a doctor of sorts for the local people.

• One day Karen meets Kamante, an insular, stoic child of one of the squatters. He suffers from sores all over his...

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