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Jan Karon
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which bishop comes for a visit with Father Tim?
(a) Bishop Edward Welch.
(b) Bishop William McEntire.
(c) Bishop Stuart Cullen.
(d) Bishop Seth Jones.

2. How much refund does Father Tim get back on his purchase of the rectory?
(a) $3,000.
(b) $25,000.
(c) $15,000.
(d) $$7,000.

3. What does Father Tim order at Sweet Stuff?
(a) Strawberry Tartlet.
(b) Napoleon.
(c) Eclair.
(d) Bear Claw.

4. Which family member of Andrew's wife has come to America with Andrew and his wife?
(a) Her sister.
(b) Her daughter.
(c) Her brother.
(d) Her mother.

5. What holiday do Father Tim and Cynthia begin gearing up for?
(a) Labor Day.
(b) Fourth of July.
(c) Easter.
(d) Christmas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Winnie ask Father Tim to do?

2. What does Thomas Kendall want from Father Tim?

3. What subject is Harley helping Lace to study?

4. How long has Father Tim lived in the rectory?

5. What prize does Winnie win for writing a story?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Winnie conflicted about selling her business and moving to Tennessee?

2. How does Father Tim realize that Pauline is drunk and what does he do in the situation?

3. Why does Esther Bolick's accident wreak havoc on the food committee of the Bane and Blessing event?

4. What good news does Father Tim receive regarding Joe, Winnie's brother?

5. How did Andrew meet his new bride?

6. Who is Thomas Kendall and how did Winnie meet him?

7. Why does Father Tim feel compelled to check out Edith's connection to Mack's campaign?

8. What surprise does Andrew have when he returns from Europe?

9. Why might Father Tim be forced to move from the rectory prior to his retirement?

10. What does Bishop Cullen advise Father Tim to do regarding what Father Tim knows about Mack's campaign?

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