Out to Canaan Short Essay - Answer Key

Jan Karon
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1. What is the premise of OUT TO CANAAN?

Mitford is a fictional town in North Carolina where Father Tim has been the rector at Lord's Chapel for sixteen years. Recently married, Father Tim is finding his life more hectic than ever even as he helps townspeople with their problems and plans for his coming retirement.

2. What is the Primrose Tea and how is Father Tim more involved than usual?

At the rectory, Father Tim finds his wife distracted by plans for the Primrose Tea, a traditional party she is expected to throw each year. As part of this, Cynthia wants Father Tim to move her armoire from the guest room to their bedroom. During the tea, Father Tim helps park cars.

3. Who is Mack Stroupe?

Mack Stroupe, a local man who is not well liked, drives his new truck repeatedly through the traffic to promote his new campaign to become mayor.

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