Out to Canaan Character Descriptions

Jan Karon
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Father Timothy Kavanagh

He is an Episcopal priest who has recently gotten married.

Cynthia Kavanagh

She is well known for her books which feature her cat, Violet.

Dooley Barstowe

He is the son of an alcoholic who once resided in the poor area known only as the Creek.

Pauline Barstowe

As part of her sobriety, she has been forced to come to terms with the fact that she has given away four of her five children.

Buck Leeper

He is a construction supervisor who has come to Mitford to watch over the renovation of the Lord's Chapel attic to make more space for Sunday school classes.

Winnie Ivy

She is the owner and baker at Sweet Stuff Bakery.

Esther Cunningham

She has been mayor for eight terms, sixteen years, and is running for a ninth term.

Esther Bolick

She is the chairperson of the Bane and Blessings charity...

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