Objects & Places from Out on a Limb

Shirley MacLaine
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These study tools helped aid in understanding spirituality, trance mediums, and extraterrestrials.


This reference provided Shirley MacLaine with surprising information on spirituality and extraterrestrials.


This reference is studied in the Jewish religion.

Shirley's House

This haven is found in the mountains of Los Angeles.

Shirley's Apartment Building

This building was bought with a first paycheck.

Bodhi Tree Bookstore

This health camp was located in Calabasas.

Los Angeles

"Out on a Limb" was set in this location.


A politician attracted Shirley MacLaine to this location.


Shirley MacLaine visited this location, hoping to meet Johannsen.

New York City

Shirley MacLaine began dating Gerry in this location.


This location was home to David and the Andes mountains.

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