Out on a Limb Fun Activities

Shirley MacLaine
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Author Biography

Research Shirley MacLaine and write a one-page biography of her and her work.

Book Review

Pretend you have been hired by the local newspaper to write a book review of "Out on a Limb". Book reviews will be shared in front of the class.

Film Critic

Watch one of Shirley's films. Write a brief paragraph summarizing her film career as well as the film you have viewed.

Book Jacket

Using any form of visual media, redesign the book jacket for "Out on the Limb". The class will vote and determine the best book jacket.

Give a Reading

Authors often hold readings to build publicity for their book. Select a thirty second segment that you found significant to share with the class. Be prepared to explain why you chose the segment you did.

Trance Medium

Imagine you were going to meet with a trance medium. Create a...

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