Out on a Limb Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Shirley MacLaine
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Chapters 1-2

• Shirley jogged on the beach and thought about her past.

• Shirley returned to her apartment, which was purchased using her first professional paycheck.

• Gerry, Shirley's married lover, called to invite her to Hawaii.

• Shirley thought back to meeting Gerry at a a party.

• Shirley considered all of the trouble they'd faced since that meeting, due to his marriage.

• Shirley was troubled by the fact that her relationship with Gerry had to be hidden from everyone.

Chapters 3-4

• Shirley thinks back on the cook's husband's death.

• Shirley was troubled by the death of the cook's husband, as he was the first dead body she'd ever seen.

• Looking back, Shirley remembered speaking to Clifford Odets as he was on his death bed and the inspirational words he had shared.

• The next day, Shirley met her friend David for yoga.

• David gave Shirley books on reincarnation and suggested she...

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