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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Oyarsa say the "bent one" on earth has done?

2. What was the prophecy Oyarsa alluded to with Ransom?

3. What does Augray say about Oyarsa?

4. What does the Oyarsa say about Ransom's fear?

5. How does Ransom feel after he helps kill the hnakra?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Ransom find at the edge of the grove? Describe it.

2. Describe Ransom's first view of Meldilorn.

3. What kind of knowledge interest the sorn?

4. What does the sorn and Ransom do when Ransom enters the cave?

5. Besides collecting gold, what is Weston's motivation for coming to Malacandra?

6. Why have Weston and Devine brought Ransom to Malacandra?

7. What does Augray, the sorn, and Ransom talk about while eating?

8. How does the Osarya repond to Weston's speech?

9. What does the hross have to say about war on Malacandra?

10. What does Ransom do on the space ship during the return trip to earth?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay comparing Weston's plans for conquering other planets and killing off their population, to make room for humans, and what has happen on this planet as people cleared out the earth of many animals to make use of the land for ourselves. Are they similar? Do the animals deserve more, less or the same consideration as inhabitants of another planet? Is this planet enriched or impoverished because of the number of extinct animals?

Essay Topic 2

The final chapters explain that Oyarsa and the eldil have been influencing events all along. Some might call this fate, others, destiny. Many would call it Divine Intervention. Compare your ideas on fate, destiny and Divine Intervention. Do you believe in one or the other? Have you ever experienced a moment you felt was destiny? Fate? Why?

Essay Topic 3

In Out of the Silent Planet, C.S.Lewis has much to say about racism and judging people based on external differences.

1. Do you think Weston's attitude toward the inhabitants of Malacandra parallels discrimination or prejudice in this country? Explain the differences and similarities between Weston's thinking and groups today who pander hate. What are some of the minorities in this country? Give examples of prejudice that you may have witnessed or read about.

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