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Short Answer Questions

1. To whom do Devine and Ransom plan to deliver Ransom?

2. How does he deal with his thirst?

3. What are the waves on the water like?

4. What happens when the three men enter the water to join the sorns on the other shore?

5. Ransom is a professor of:

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ransom feel about the conversation?

2. Ransom overhears a conversation between Weston and Devine about what they plan to do with him. What was the plan?

3. In Chapter seven Ransom gets his first look at some of the inhabitants of the planet. How do they look to him and of what do they remind him?

4. Describe the delusion Ransom is experiencing in the forest.

5. Once Ransom settles into the routine of space travel how does he feel?

6. What does Ransom's dream foretell?

7. What does Weston say to Ransom when he asked how the ship worked?

8. Describe Weston's attitude toward Devine. Tell why you think Weston and Devine are or are not friends.

9. Why do you think there is so much description in this chapter, and in the entire book?

10. What kind of information do Weston and Devine seek from Ransom when he first meets them in chapter one?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In this book, description is a large part of the writing. Why do you think Lewis wrote so much description? Did you feel you had a good picture of Malacandra and the inhabitants? Describe some of the terrain, the culture and inhabitants of the planet.

Essay Topic 2

On Malacandra, the hross, Hyoi, says he can't think of any reason for the three peoples of Malacondra to wage war. What might be reasons that war starts in this world? What circumstances and ideas on Malacandra seem to preclude war as an option there? What do you think might be necessary for war to end on this world, given what Malacandra was described as being like?

Essay Topic 3

The theme of fear and death is explored a lot in this book. Ransom speculates on the role of death in life. The hross seem to hold an outlook on death that is very different from his own. They almost welcome death as a wonderful transformation. Write about the view of death from the American culture. Is the main cultural view of death your own? If not, what is your view of death?

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