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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What interrupts Ransom and the Oyarsa's conversation?
(a) A procession of hross enters carrying three dead hross in bundles and leading two prisoners
(b) A group of eldil who fly in needing to see the Oyarsa
(c) Ransom being too tired to continue without a rest
(d) A fire in one of the towers

2. Where does Ransom and Augray spend the night?
(a) In another cave
(b) They spend the night on a boat
(c) Augray takes Ransom to the home of a sorn to stop for the night. It is some kind of school
(d) They pitch a tent in the forest

3. From where does the milk for cheese come?
(a) The milk of a yellow grazing animal which young sorns herd in the forests
(b) Cows that they keep in the village
(c) A tree which puts out a milk-like substance
(d) Goats that roam the mountain

4. What does Ransom do after Hyoi dies?
(a) He apologizes to the other hross and weeps
(b) He leaves the boat and runs away
(c) He finds Weston and kills him
(d) He sets off for the mountains to go to Osaya

5. How does Augray take Ransom to see Oyarsa ?
(a) They ride an animal from the herd
(b) They walk there together
(c) He has a large, bird-like creature fly them
(d) Ransom rides on Augray's shoulder

6. After Weston and Devine are taken from Oyarsa 's presence what happens to Ransom?
(a) He is taken back to the space ship
(b) Ransom and Oyarsa spend the day in conversation
(c) He returns to the place where he spent the night
(d) He returns to Augray's tower

7. What did the Osarya prophesied to Ransom?
(a) That Ransom will become a great world leader on earth
(b) That Ransom will meet the woman he marries when he returns
(c) That Ransom will live to be 110 years old
(d) That contact with Thulcandra will be open again soon, and they may meet again one day

8. How did the narrator learn of the story?
(a) He was an old friend of Ransom's
(b) He was there when the space ship landed
(c) He ran into Weston and Weston told him
(d) From Ransom after writing him a letter asking about a Latin word

9. What was the prophecy Oyarsa alluded to with Ransom?
(a) it was about dramatic events taking place in the near future
(b) That Ransom and the narrator would change the future of earth
(c) That Ransom would travel to other planets
(d) That Ransom would become a famous professor

10. What does the Oyarsa say about Ransom's fear?
(a) Oyarsa tells Ransom that his fear has caused his own troubles and he need not be afraid
(b) That he must not be much of a man if he's frightened
(c) That fear is good and there is reason for it
(d) That it's perfectly normal to feel afraid

11. What happens to Hyoi as they rest in the boat next to the hnakra's body?
(a) All the other hross come and pay him homage
(b) He falls out of the boat on top of the hnakra and they laugh
(c) A water snake wraps around his ankle and bites him
(d) He is shot by Weston and Devine and dies

12. What does the Osarya offer Ransom?
(a) A new name
(b) The opportunity to stay on Malacandra
(c) Psychic ability similar to the eldil
(d) All the gold he can put into one of the empty rooms on the ship

13. What happens before Hyoi can turn the boat around and head back?
(a) Ransom gets seasick and loses his breakfast
(b) The hnakra attacks and they kill it
(c) Hyoi falls out of the boat and is killed by the hnakra
(d) A large wave swamps the boat and they have to swim for shore

14. How does Ransom feel as Oyarsa approaches?
(a) His fingers begin to tingle and he feels weak
(b) Happy and energetic
(c) Dizzy and unstable
(d) Calm and peaceful

15. What feeling is Ransom fighting as he leaves Hyoi's boat?
(a) Giving himself up to Weston and Devine
(b) Returning to the hross village instead of going to the mountains
(c) Feeling so desolate over Hyoi's death that he is unable to function
(d) Laying down and going to sleep

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Oyarsa asks Ransom?

2. What does Ransom do with the knowledge he acquired on Malacandra?

3. Why does Ransom feel relieved when he wakes in Augray's tower?

4. What does the sorn look like?

5. What does Hyoi tell Ransom about the eldil?

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