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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hyoi tell Ransom about war between the three races of Malacandra?
(a) That the sorn and the hross have been at war for years
(b) He can't imagine why they would ever wage war
(c) That it happens, though not often
(d) That the sorn and the pfifltriggi are alligned against the hross

2. What about earth amazes the sorns the most?
(a) Ransom's description of war, slavery and other parts of human history astonish the sorns
(b) Ransom's description of big cities, like London
(c) His talk of money and banking
(d) The fact that earth has no Oyarsa

3. Who was Hyoi talking to the day he and Ransom met?
(a) The Osarya
(b) One of the eldil
(c) Himself
(d) His son

4. What does Weston think when the Oyarsa asks about the dead hross?
(a) He believes they are going to be punished for killing the hross
(b) He thinks it's possible the Oyarsa is actually real
(c) He believes he's hallucinating
(d) Unable to see where the voice of Oyarsa is coming from, Weston thinks it is a ventriloquist trick

5. What does the sorn look like?
(a) Very short, like a dwarf with a large, thick nose
(b) Heavy, with three arms and blue eyes
(c) Elongated features, small eyes and is covered with a light-colored feathery coat
(d) A human male

6. What happens to Hyoi as they rest in the boat next to the hnakra's body?
(a) He is shot by Weston and Devine and dies
(b) He falls out of the boat on top of the hnakra and they laugh
(c) A water snake wraps around his ankle and bites him
(d) All the other hross come and pay him homage

7. What does the Oyarsa say Weston and Devine must do because of their killing?
(a) They will be held and brought to trial
(b) They must return to Earth in their space ship the following day
(c) That they are to be banished in the wilderness of Malacandra
(d) That they must work the rest of their lives to support the families of the hross they killed

8. What does Augray show Ransom in the observatory?
(a) Earth, Thulcandra, the silent planet
(b) Hyoi's hross village
(c) The city where Oyarsa lives
(d) Weston and Devine

9. How does Weston defend himself?
(a) He tells Oyarsa that Earth civilization is superior to Malacandra's
(b) He claims the hross stole from him and threatened him
(c) He says he was provoked by the hross
(d) He says Ransom is a dangerous man and he was trying to capture him

10. What does the Oyarsa asks Ransom?
(a) Oyarsa asks Ransom if he wants them punished
(b) Oyarsa asks Ransom if they are criminals back on earth
(c) Oyarsa asks Ransom if the men are mentally deranged
(d) Oyarsa asks Ransom if he saw them kill Hyoi

11. From where does the milk for cheese come?
(a) A tree which puts out a milk-like substance
(b) Goats that roam the mountain
(c) The milk of a yellow grazing animal which young sorns herd in the forests
(d) Cows that they keep in the village

12. What do the stone monuments show Ransom?
(a) The faces of Oyarsa.
(b) All sorts of animals, some he's seen, some he hasn't
(c) The three races of Malacandra working together
(d) The monuments are carved with images depicting the creation of Malacandra

13. Where does Ransom and Augray spend the night?
(a) In another cave
(b) Augray takes Ransom to the home of a sorn to stop for the night. It is some kind of school
(c) They spend the night on a boat
(d) They pitch a tent in the forest

14. What interrupts Ransom and the Oyarsa's conversation?
(a) A procession of hross enters carrying three dead hross in bundles and leading two prisoners
(b) Ransom being too tired to continue without a rest
(c) A fire in one of the towers
(d) A group of eldil who fly in needing to see the Oyarsa

15. What does Ransom do after Hyoi dies?
(a) He finds Weston and kills him
(b) He leaves the boat and runs away
(c) He sets off for the mountains to go to Osaya
(d) He apologizes to the other hross and weeps

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Osarya offer Ransom?

2. What kind of food does Augray offer Ransom?

3. Who, besides the three men does Ransom believe is on the ship?

4. Why was Ransom kidnapped, according to the Oyarsa?

5. What does Ransom understand because of strange, flickering changes in the light?

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