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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the sorn Ransom meets in the cave?
(a) Augray
(b) Hasdor
(c) Nigerin
(d) Tregan

2. What do Ransom and the narrator want to do with the prophecy?
(a) To publish it and let people know there's life on other planets
(b) To become rich and famou
(c) To publish it and have a best-seller
(d) To warn the world about the coming events

3. What about earth amazes the sorns the most?
(a) His talk of money and banking
(b) Ransom's description of war, slavery and other parts of human history astonish the sorns
(c) Ransom's description of big cities, like London
(d) The fact that earth has no Oyarsa

4. What interrupts Ransom and the Oyarsa's conversation?
(a) Ransom being too tired to continue without a rest
(b) A group of eldil who fly in needing to see the Oyarsa
(c) A procession of hross enters carrying three dead hross in bundles and leading two prisoners
(d) A fire in one of the towers

5. What does the Oyarsa order when it's obvious Weston is not going to believe in his existence?
(a) He orders him to be put in chains
(b) Oyarsa orders Weston to be taken away to have his head dunked in cold water
(c) He orders him off the island
(d) He orders him to kneel

6. What does the hross tell Ransom to do when they arrive on the island?
(a) He may wander about as he wishes and will be called by Oyarsa when it is time
(b) He points to a bench and tells Ransom to sit down
(c) To report to the central building
(d) To stay on the beach until someone comes for him

7. What happens before Hyoi can turn the boat around and head back?
(a) A large wave swamps the boat and they have to swim for shore
(b) Hyoi falls out of the boat and is killed by the hnakra
(c) The hnakra attacks and they kill it
(d) Ransom gets seasick and loses his breakfast

8. What does the Oyarsa say Weston and Devine must do because of their killing?
(a) That they are to be banished in the wilderness of Malacandra
(b) They must return to Earth in their space ship the following day
(c) That they must work the rest of their lives to support the families of the hross they killed
(d) They will be held and brought to trial

9. Why is Ransom confused as he climbs through the mountain pass?
(a) Thin air and altitude
(b) The pass has many small paths diverging from it
(c) He keeps hearing voices in the wind
(d) He can't see anything that might be Augray's Tower

10. What does Meldilorn, home of Oyarsa , look like when Ransom first views it?
(a) A city of towers
(b) A small village, though larger than Hyoi's village
(c) A city made mostly out of crystals
(d) It is a sloping island in a circular lake

11. Why have they decided to present the story as fiction?
(a) Because publishers won't look at it if they claim it's true
(b) To plant the seed in the minds of its readers of the reality of the forces at work
(c) Because Ransom himself is not sure it really happened
(d) So that more people will read it

12. When an eldil comes to Hyoi's boat what does he tell the hross?
(a) That Ransom is in league with Weston and Devine
(b) That Ransom shouldn't be there, but should be on his way to see Oyarsa
(c) That humans are not allowed to hunt hnakra
(d) That Hyoi must allow Ransom to kill the hnakra to prove himself

13. Why doesn't Oyarsa want to kill Weston?
(a) There is no capital punishment on Malacandra
(b) He doesn't believe in killing
(c) He is reluctant to kill Weston because he is not from Malacandra
(d) He hasn't decided if Weston has done enough wrong to merit killing

14. What does Ransom do with the knowledge he acquired on Malacandra?
(a) He begins to make notes for a dictionary of the Malacandrian language
(b) He decides to never speak of the journey to anyone on earth
(c) He begins to chronical his journey
(d) He decides to write a science fiction novel

15. What happens to the three dead hross?
(a) They are laid on a bier and burned
(b) He tells the bearers to return the dead hross to their families
(c) Caskets are brought out to place them in
(d) Pfifltriggi touches each body with a crystal and the bodies disappear in a flash of blinding light

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the ship after they land?

2. What does the Oyarsa asks Ransom?

3. What does Ransom imagine Oyarsa to be?

4. When Weston talks of humanity, what does the Oyarsa do?

5. Why does Ransom feel relieved when he wakes in Augray's tower?

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