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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the stone monuments show Ransom?
(a) The three races of Malacandra working together
(b) The monuments are carved with images depicting the creation of Malacandra
(c) All sorts of animals, some he's seen, some he hasn't
(d) The faces of Oyarsa.

2. What about earth amazes the sorns the most?
(a) Ransom's description of big cities, like London
(b) His talk of money and banking
(c) The fact that earth has no Oyarsa
(d) Ransom's description of war, slavery and other parts of human history astonish the sorns

3. Why have they decided to present the story as fiction?
(a) Because Ransom himself is not sure it really happened
(b) Because publishers won't look at it if they claim it's true
(c) To plant the seed in the minds of its readers of the reality of the forces at work
(d) So that more people will read it

4. What does the Oyarsa order when it's obvious Weston is not going to believe in his existence?
(a) He orders him to kneel
(b) He orders him to be put in chains
(c) Oyarsa orders Weston to be taken away to have his head dunked in cold water
(d) He orders him off the island

5. What is a pfifltriggi carving on one of the stones?
(a) A portrait of Ransom
(b) A three dimensional representation of the space ship
(c) Hyoi, Whin and Ransom killing the hnakra
(d) Weston and Devine holding a gun

6. What does the Oyarsa say about Ransom's fear?
(a) That he must not be much of a man if he's frightened
(b) That it's perfectly normal to feel afraid
(c) That fear is good and there is reason for it
(d) Oyarsa tells Ransom that his fear has caused his own troubles and he need not be afraid

7. How did the narrator learn of the story?
(a) He was there when the space ship landed
(b) From Ransom after writing him a letter asking about a Latin word
(c) He ran into Weston and Weston told him
(d) He was an old friend of Ransom's

8. What does the Oyarsa say gives the Malacandrians peace?
(a) The Malacandrians do not fear death
(b) That all three races cooperate
(c) That their planet is ruled by the Osarya
(d) That there is no war on Malacandra

9. How does Augray take Ransom to see Oyarsa ?
(a) He has a large, bird-like creature fly them
(b) Ransom rides on Augray's shoulder
(c) They walk there together
(d) They ride an animal from the herd

10. What does Meldilorn, home of Oyarsa , look like when Ransom first views it?
(a) A city made mostly out of crystals
(b) A city of towers
(c) A small village, though larger than Hyoi's village
(d) It is a sloping island in a circular lake

11. From where does the milk for cheese come?
(a) Goats that roam the mountain
(b) Cows that they keep in the village
(c) A tree which puts out a milk-like substance
(d) The milk of a yellow grazing animal which young sorns herd in the forests

12. Where and with whom does Ransom spend the night on the island?
(a) In a room in one of the towers
(b) Ransom sleeps in a guesthouse filled with creatures of all three types of Malacandrian
(c) In a prison
(d) At an inn

13. What is the first question Oyarsa asks Ransom?
(a) Oyarsa asks Ransom what he is afraid of?
(b) Oyarsa asks Ransom where Weston and Devine are
(c) Oyarsa asks Ransom why he has come to Malacandra
(d) Oyarsa asks Ransom where he came from

14. After Weston and Devine are taken from Oyarsa 's presence what happens to Ransom?
(a) He returns to Augray's tower
(b) Ransom and Oyarsa spend the day in conversation
(c) He returns to the place where he spent the night
(d) He is taken back to the space ship

15. What does Oyarsa say of the history of earth?
(a) That earth lost its Oyarsa because humans were bad
(b) Thulcandra once had an Oyarsa, but he turned bad. He devastated the Earth's moon and brought extinction to the creatures of Malacandra
(c) That earth and Malacandra used to share a religion
(d) That earth was dying and so their Oyarsa left

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the prophecy Oyarsa alluded to with Ransom?

2. What happens to the three dead hross?

3. What does Oyarsa say the "bent one" on earth has done?

4. What subjects about earth interest the sorns?

5. What interrupts Ransom and the Oyarsa's conversation?

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