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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How often do the hross marry?
(a) They have no marriage and mate with whoever they want
(b) The hross do not mate at all
(c) They marry only once and mate for only a short period of their lives
(d) The women have several husbands and many children

2. What kind of food does Augray offer Ransom?
(a) Mushrooms and rice
(b) Toofa, a grainy porridge like dish
(c) Vegetables and cheese
(d) Stew and biscuits

3. When Weston talks of humanity, what does the Oyarsa do?
(a) Tells Weston that his ideas are insane
(b) Challenges Weston's notion of what humanity really means
(c) Scorns humans as being animals
(d) Tells Weston that he is not human for killing the hross

4. What is the first question Oyarsa asks Ransom?
(a) Oyarsa asks Ransom what he is afraid of?
(b) Oyarsa asks Ransom why he has come to Malacandra
(c) Oyarsa asks Ransom where he came from
(d) Oyarsa asks Ransom where Weston and Devine are

5. What does Oyarsa say the "bent one" on earth has done?
(a) Turned the earth into a polluted mess
(b) Urged humans to fight among themselves
(c) Created racism
(d) Made men afraid of death

6. What about earth amazes the sorns the most?
(a) Ransom's description of war, slavery and other parts of human history astonish the sorns
(b) His talk of money and banking
(c) Ransom's description of big cities, like London
(d) The fact that earth has no Oyarsa

7. What does Weston think when the Oyarsa asks about the dead hross?
(a) He believes he's hallucinating
(b) He believes they are going to be punished for killing the hross
(c) He thinks it's possible the Oyarsa is actually real
(d) Unable to see where the voice of Oyarsa is coming from, Weston thinks it is a ventriloquist trick

8. Who, besides the three men does Ransom believe is on the ship?
(a) One of the sorn have returned with them
(b) One of the pfifltriggi have returned with them
(c) Some eldil have returned with them
(d) One of the hross have returned with them

9. Why doesn't Oyarsa want to kill Weston?
(a) There is no capital punishment on Malacandra
(b) He hasn't decided if Weston has done enough wrong to merit killing
(c) He is reluctant to kill Weston because he is not from Malacandra
(d) He doesn't believe in killing

10. After Weston and Devine are taken from Oyarsa 's presence what happens to Ransom?
(a) He returns to the place where he spent the night
(b) Ransom and Oyarsa spend the day in conversation
(c) He returns to Augray's tower
(d) He is taken back to the space ship

11. From where does the milk for cheese come?
(a) The milk of a yellow grazing animal which young sorns herd in the forests
(b) Cows that they keep in the village
(c) Goats that roam the mountain
(d) A tree which puts out a milk-like substance

12. How do the hross view death?
(a) As a wonderful transformation
(b) With horror and fear
(c) As a choice to take when ready
(d) As the end, that there is no life after death

13. What does Ransom find in the cavern he enters?
(a) Walls covered in gold
(b) A sorn
(c) A bear like creature, fast asleep
(d) Bones of animals

14. When no one pays attention to Weston's threats or intimidations, what does he do?
(a) Shoots the hross cloest to him
(b) Offers Devine as the guilty party
(c) Faints
(d) Pulls out a string of cheap beads, offering to trade

15. Besides the three races Ransom has heard about, another race, now extinct, lived on Malacandra. What was it?
(a) Intelligent apes
(b) A race of humans
(c) A race of birds once lived on the planet
(d) A race of giants who lived in the mountains

Short Answer Questions

1. Why have they decided to present the story as fiction?

2. What does Ransom what to prove to the hross during the hnakra hunt?

3. Why does Ransom feel relieved when he wakes in Augray's tower?

4. How does Augray take Ransom to see Oyarsa ?

5. How did the narrator learn of the story?

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