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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he closely examines the walls how do they appear?
(a) They have small, raised bumps on them
(b) They aren't really there
(c) They are square
(d) They are joined seamlessly with the floor

2. Because of the point of view of the story, the reader knows:
(a) only what Ransom knows
(b) that Ransom is about to be sacrificed to the sun god
(c) that Ransom is on his way to Malacandra
(d) that Weston thinks Ransom is highly intelligent

3. What is an eldil?
(a) A spirit like messenger of Oyarsa
(b) A plant which is the main diet stable of the hross
(c) A group of hross who live together, like a tribe
(d) A child of the hross born with psychic abilities

4. What does Devine think the sorn plan to do with Ransom?
(a) Show him around the planet
(b) He speculates that the sorn may intend to sacrifice Ransom in some kind of ritual
(c) Make a slave of him
(d) Eat him for dinner

5. Ransom wakes in a strange room that can be described how?
(a) There is a smell of roses
(b) One of the walls is warm
(c) The walls are covered in fur
(d) The table and chairs are built for giants

6. What does Ransom think when the woman tells him about the Rise?
(a) He thinks that is no place for a boy to work.
(b) They might be willing to give him a place to stay for the night..
(c) He wonders what two professors are doing out in the country.
(d) He wonders if he has already walked past it.

7. When the ship enters Malacandra's orbit how does Ransom feel upon wakening?
(a) Disoriented and groggy
(b) His fear becomes almost invigorating to him
(c) That his death is imminent
(d) As if life has completely changed for him

8. What does Ransom do when he finally stops for a moment?
(a) Ptrips off his shirt and pants and bathes in a stream
(b) Sits down and begins to cry
(c) Sits down beside a stream of warm water
(d) Picks up some berries that might be edible

9. Ransom plans to use the pilfered object(s) to:
(a) kill himself if necessary
(b) be ready to camp out on the planet when they land
(c) have tea alone in his room
(d) have a way of surviving alone for a week

10. Who are the pfifltriggi?
(a) Small, dwarf like humanoid creatures who live on the ocean
(b) The council of elders under Oyarsa
(c) Another race of people on the planet
(d) The slaves of the hross

11. Because the moon looks so strange to Ransom, what does he think?
(a) He thinks he's asleep and dreaming
(b) He thinks it must be a harvest moon
(c) He thinks Weston must have hypnotized him
(d) He wonders if the drug he was given in his drink has affected his vision

12. To whom do Devine and Ransom plan to deliver Ransom?
(a) The king of the planet
(b) A sorn
(c) An evil wizard
(d) The elidil

13. What does he see following behind the herd of creatures?
(a) A sorn
(b) Weston
(c) A stalking lion looking animal
(d) A human like person with a shepard's crook

14. When Weston walks into Ransom's room, Weston is:
(a) crying
(b) mean
(c) nude
(d) apologetic

15. What is on the other side of the wall?
(a) Darkness and some strange creatures
(b) Another house with lights on
(c) Mountains
(d) A herd of cattle

Short Answer Questions

1. Weston treats Ransom with contempt because:

2. When the ship is landing what is Ransom doing?

3. Rather than it being the moon that Ransom is seeing, Weston tells him that the large orb is:

4. What does Ransom notice about the room in which he wakes?

5. As they land, what does Random come to believe about planets?

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