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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is she concerned about Harry?
(a) Harry is on the roof and can't get down
(b) He is late returning home from working at The Rise
(c) Harry has run away from home
(d) Harry has fallen from a tree

2. What wakes up Ransom?
(a) Gunshots
(b) Weston and Devine shaking him
(c) Extreme thrist
(d) An animal running through the forest

3. What is all over the ground on the planet?
(a) Red and gold leaves
(b) Green slime
(c) Black moss
(d) A pinkish foliage

4. The humming noise Ransom hears makes him believe he is:
(a) must be suffering from the drug's aftereffects
(b) in some sort of airship
(c) hearing a refridgerator running
(d) hearing a chorus of angels in the distance

5. Weston replies to Ransom's questions by telling him not to talk too much in order to:
(a) listen the the hum of the engine
(b) conserve air
(c) eat his ham and eggs
(d) keep from getting laryngitis

6. What does Ransom do with his watch?
(a) He takes it off and puts it in his pocket
(b) He winds it because it has stopped
(c) He sets the correct time
(d) Nothing, he doesn't have a watch

7. What is a handramit?
(a) A glove that the hross wears when fishing
(b) The basket the hross in which the hross carries his food
(c) The handrail on the hross's boat
(d) A steep, straight canyon

8. What does he see in his imagination?
(a) His home on earth
(b) Another Ransom wandering the forest
(c) Sorns creeping up on him in the bushes
(d) A gate with a bell hanging above it

9. What does Ransom do when he finally stops for a moment?
(a) Picks up some berries that might be edible
(b) Sits down beside a stream of warm water
(c) Sits down and begins to cry
(d) Ptrips off his shirt and pants and bathes in a stream

10. Ransom's dream mentioned in question #16 foreshadows:
(a) his eventual trip to Malacandra
(b) his desire to meet men from Mars
(c) his death at an early age
(d) his becoming addicted to the drugs Devine gives him

11. The character in question #1 meets a woman who is searching for her simple-minded son, whose name is:
(a) Harry
(b) John
(c) Jimbo
(d) George

12. What are the three men doing in Ransom's dream?
(a) Climbing over a wall
(b) Fighting
(c) Smoking pipes together
(d) Having dinner

13. Who is Oyarsa?
(a) Their military leader
(b) The head of the sorn
(c) The ruler of the planet
(d) The head teacher in the village

14. What does Ransom pilfer from the galley?
(a) Seven days rations
(b) A frying pan
(c) A knife
(d) A cup and saucer

15. Why does Ransom think he feels so good?
(a) Because the mysteries of space are being revealed to him
(b) The food is very good
(c) It is a great adventure he's having
(d) He's still alive even though he's in space

Short Answer Questions

1. Ransom is a professor of:

2. What does Ransom think the empty rooms are for?

3. What does Devine think the sorn plan to do with Ransom?

4. What does Ransom hear when he regains consciousness?

5. What position does Ransom take on the ship?

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