Out of the Silent Planet Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Ransom feel about Devine, and why?

He seems two-faced. He's outwardly friendly but there seems to be an underlying sinister side to him. Also, Ransom remembers that he didn't like Devine when they were in school together.

2. Describe Weston's attitude toward Devine. Tell why you think Weston and Devine are or are not friends.

Weston is arrogant and acts superior towards Devine, yet he seems to follow Devine's orders. They don't seem like friends, rather, business partners or colleagues who don't like each other very much.

3. Describe the house where Ransom finds Harry and meets Weston and Devine.

The Rise is an unwelcoming sight, with an overgrown yard surrounding a dark stone house. There are no lights and the only sign of habitation is heavy smoke coming from a chimney.

4. Describe the three characters who have been introduced in this chapter.

Ransom is a college professor of philology, the study of language. His interest in language will become important in later chapters. Devine is outwardly friendly, but seems to have a sinister side as well. Weston is gruff and apparently violent. All three are English gentlemen, however, and it is interesting to note that even after interrupting what appears to be a violent kidnapping, Ransom is polite and reserved in the manner of a gentleman.

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